May 22, 2015

Friday Five 5.22.15

//1// My sweet little niece had her first dance recital last weekend. I live in Michigan and my entire family lives in Pennsylvania so, unfortunately, I was unable to be there. I started dance when I was her age and it became a life long passion. I was bummed I missed it, but was happy to hear that she did awesome! Isn't she the cutest?!

//2// How awesome did Danica McKellar look at the Billboard music awards this week? Love her dress! She's hot!


//3// Currently reading:

//4// Oil of the Week:

Got my ordered lavender in the mail this week! My allergies are terrible this month so as soon as I received this I started diffusing the allergy trio - Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon. We started doing blood draws on each other in class and I've been using the lavender on some gnarly bruises I have from that. Ask me more...

//5// Still waiting on my official externship placement (ugh), but we did get our national exam study books this week!

Two more weeks of skills validation in the class room and then off to my externship!
The Monday Madness Link Up will be moving from Monday 5/25 to Tuesday 5/26.
Enjoy the long weekend!

May 20, 2015

Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade Copycat Recipe

2 Tazo Passion Tea Bags
16 oz Water
4 oz Lemonade
2 tsp Sugar
1. Boil water.
2. Remove from heat and add tea bags and sugar.
3. Allow to sit for 15 minutes.
4. Remove tea bags and refrigerate for at least one hour.
5. Add ice to a closable container.
6. Add 8 oz of tea and 2 oz of lemonade per serving.
7. Shake well to mix.
8. Enjoy!

May 18, 2015

Monday Madness 5.28.15

How is it Monday already?

I hope everyone had a super weekend. As usual, I spent my working! I have a lot more hours this week than I've had I the past two to three weeks. Total bummer, but I am going to just Saturdays in a few weeks when my externship starts!

On Thursday night my friend Sam and I went to a Speed Oiling event at our local country club. It was hosted by a bunch of local Young Living reps. I was a bad blogger and took zero pictures.

Have I mentioned that I'm a Young Living rep?

I've been lazy about using my oils since I've been so busy, but that's really not a great excuse. I was rejuvenated on Thursday night and have already started to put them into my daily routine again! Have you used essential oils? I love to swap stories!

Saturday was Scout's 6th birthday! I love birthdays in general and his is not an exception. Nick and I got him his favorite raw hide rounds which we call his "donuts."

I couldn't help be a little sad though. I don't want him to get any older because I want him to be around forever!

I only have three more weeks in the classroom before I head out to my externship!!! I am really hoping these three weeks go fast. I'm ready to get hands on and mingle with some new people. After being in a classroom with the same people for 32 hours a week for five months I'm just ready to move on. #WornOut

Wishing everyone a really great week!
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