Apr 17, 2015

Five Things for Friday 4.17.15

Happy Friday people!

//1// I performed my first injections this week and I loved it! Here are some of my classmates and scenes from this week:

Tiffany and Lissy

//2// My tennis crush Andy Murray got married last weekend. My sister texted me an article to inform me.

This is how the conversation went:
Me: I hate her dress.
Courtney: I hate his. lololo.
Me: I'd still bone him.
Courtney: U r really weird.

//3// I bought this big ass bag of cheese from the grocery for no other reason then I really love cheese.

//4// In Duggar news...

 Jill and Derek had their baby! Israel David was born via emergency C section on April 6.
Josiah Duggar (18) has entered into a courtship with Majorie Jackson (17). She seems super cute!
//5// My favorite Pinterest find this week is a recipe for New York Cheesecake Cookies. Um, yeah!
Have a happy weekend!

Apr 15, 2015

Training Your Dog To Ring A Bell To Use The Potty

Scout came into our lives nearly six years ago. When we got him as a 10 week old puppy my husband Nick proclaimed he was going to teach Scout to ring a bell to let us know he needed to go to the bathroom. I think I said something to the affect of 'Good luck with that.' Man, did I eat my words. It actually worked! Scout was trained to ring a bell when he needs to go to the potty!

Here's how we did it successfully:
  1. Show your dog the bell after you hang it.
  2. Help it associate the bell with positive things by holding out treats near the bell and ringing the bell when the dog comes to retrieve the treat.
  3. If your puppy dislikes or is scared of the sound of the bell, teach it to be comfortable with the bell before using the bell as part of potty training.
  4. Help your dog learn to ring the bell. When you’re taking the dog outside for its schedule bathroom time, set it first next to the bell and use its paw to ring the bell while saying “outside.” Any hint of a ring should open the door for both of you to go out. Praise your dog when it rings the bell!
  5. Another option is to say “outside” and tap your fingers on the wall or door next to the bell--without ringing it yourself--to encourage your dog to lift its paws to the bell.
  6. Be sure to show your dog that the bell is now associated with going out to use the bathroom, not just with getting a treat.

Other helpful hints:

Just a few occurrences of the same pattern of cause and effect will set the association in their minds.
Take the bell with you when you and your dog travel. Similarly, send the bell with your dog if it stays at another home while you’re away.


Apr 13, 2015

Spring Break Recap + Monday Madness Link Up

First, I'm blogging this from my deck and my doggie is frolicking down in the grass. The weather is starting to get better and better!

Second, Spring Break officially ended on Friday because I work the weekend.

So, I did nothing productive as far as school or housework goes during the week. I didn't even go the grocery. Instead I was lazy. On Monday I went and got a pedicure and since the weather was super nice Nick and I played catch in the yard after he got home from work. We then decided to shoot BB/AirSoft guns off the back deck. I really don't like guns in general, but sometime the BB guns are fun. I'm sure the neighbors love it.

Scout also got some quality time outside!

On Tuesday I headed back to my former place of employment to visit some of my favorite co workers! It so weird being there, but not going there to work. On Wednesday I visited a friend and her two kids (ages 19 months and 2 months, brave girl!). Thursday was a work night so I took the day for myself. Friday was much same since I had to work on Saturday and Sunday.
I took the liberty of catching up on my favorite shows. I was 6 episodes behind on Scandal and watched all of them.

Spoiler Alert: So glad Jake didn't actually go off the deep end, but is really trying to help David Rosen.
Also, can we please kill off Rowan?! I've had enough of him, thank you very much.
I finally finished the last episode of Season 4 of Downton Abbey and started my Season 5 DVDs! I'm super sad that Season 6 will be it's last. Watching Downton just makes me want to own a really cute tea set. I don't even drink tea.
Clearly my TV life is much more interesting than my actual life.

Today is my first day back to school in over a week! I am now in Phase II of the program. I can't believe in 8 weeks that I will be starting my externship and taking my certification exam. Also, Phase II means injections and blood draws! Yikes!

Have a super week!