Fall Essentials Under $50

Sep 28, 2016
Looking good this season doesn't have to cost a fortune. Many Fall essentials can be found at prices that won't brake the bank - and you'll have money left over for those PSLs!

// Fall-inspired Lipstick// Wearing a warmer shade is always on point during the Fall months. Try a dark berry hue this season! Try NYX Butter Lipstick in Moonlit Night. ($5.99)

// Fall Coat // A light to medium-weight jacket is perfect for the cooler weather, and this year it's all about utility jackets! Utility jackets come in many different colors, but this year's color is army green. The jacket pictured is from LE3NO. ($29.99)

// Over-Sized Scarves // An over-sized scarf is the best multi-tasking item for Fall. Not only is it a scarf, but it can be used at a shawl or small throw for you lap when it gets chilly at games or bonfires. The 'Heritage Plaid's scarf featured is from Nordstrom! ($25)

// Leggings // A great pair of leggings that you can dress up and dress down should be a staple. Try a fall-inspired color such as a jewel tone. Try Galliano Leggings! ($29)

// Fall-inspired Nail Polish // Like my lips, I like a nice berry color on my nails for fall. Essie is my favorite brand. Try Bahama Mama as pictured.  ($9)

// Booties // Leather and suede booties are on trend this year! Booties are super versatile and can be worn with jeans, leggings, skirt, and dresses. Show your individuality with the details - cutouts or zippers! Try Aldo. ($48)

// Travel Mug // A good travel mug is an essential item to keep your beverage of choice warm from home to the office or when running errands. And who doesn't love Kate Spade?! ($21)

Getting to Know You... Getting to Know All About You

Sep 26, 2016
Today I wanted to do something really light-hearted and fun! I love learning more about other bloggers. Below you will learn 10 things about me. Make sure to pick one question and answer it in the comments so I can learn more about you!

1. What is your biggest fear?
Snakes. They are the devil on earth. My fear is so bad that when I do come across a snake, I immedately have a panic attack complete with the sweats.

2. What is your favorite workout? Ballet classes. I've danced pretty much my entire life, and ballet is an awesome full body workout. It includes body weight strength training and cardio!

3. What's your natural hair color? I'm not really sure at this point! My roots usually come in a dark, ash blonde. I was bleach blonde by nature as a child though!

4. What is your favorite smell? Lilacs! I love them and always have lilac scented candles in the house.

5. Tell me the 3 best days in your life - or the first 3 that come to mind.

  • Graduating with my Bachelors (May 2006). I worked really hard to graduate with honors.
  • Getting married, but really being married (so every day for the last 8.5 years).
  • My sister being born. This one is in retrospect. I didn't care for her at the time, but now she's one my best friends and I'm so thankful for the day she came into this world (July 26, 1987).

6. What are your top 3 places currently on your bucket list to visit?

7. What is your favorite food? French Fries... uhhh gawd yum!

8. What is your current Netflix show of choice? I actually don't have Netflix! However, we did a free month trial to watch Fuller House and will probably do the same thing when season 2 comes out!

9. Were you named after anyone?
My parents had a waitress named Ashley at a Red Lobster in Florida after they moved there after getting married (circa 1980). They really loved it, and when their first child was a boy, the name got passed to me, their first girl! My name middle name is Elizabeth, in honor of my maternal great-grandmother.

10. What's your favorite hamburger topping? Cheese, pickles, yellow mustard. Boom.

Make sure to pick one question and answer it in the comments so I can learn more about you!

At-Home Tailgate Ideas

Sep 22, 2016
While at this time of year tailgating is still sunny and enjoyable, we're fastly approaching the season of crisp air, rain, and even snow. This is when at-home tailgates work better. Below you will find all the components you'll need for throwing a successful at-home tailgate.

//1// Food

//2// Booze

//3// Outdoor Activites

Fire Pit // Cornhole // Backyard Touch Football

//4// Team Colors

//5// Decor

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