It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Dec 11, 2017

Nick and I finally flipped it in to Christmas gear this weekend. We always visit a local tree farm in search of the perfect Christmas tree to cut down. White pines are our favorite and I think we got a pretty good one this year!

Growing up Nick and I always cut down trees with our family so once we bought our house we bough the tradition back. Another tradition for us is to count the rings once the tree is cut to see how old the tree was. This year we counted ten rings, which worked out perfectly because this is our 10th Christmas together! Almost too perfect, and of course I got super sentimental.

Nick got the tree into the house, in it's stand, and strung the lights on Saturday. We just need to do the garland and ornaments! I use silver garland because I love my tree to be as gaudy as possible! Plus, it's an Angle-family tradition! My tree wouldn't be complete without the silver garland.

On Sunday I decorated the dining room, front entry way, and put out a few things in our living room.

Please excuse the horrible cell phone photos and terrible lighting, and have a super Monday!

Friday Fun with the Hubs

Dec 8, 2017
Meet the Hubs, also known as Nicholas, Nick, Nico, and/or Babe. I decided to put my husband of nearly 10 years to the test to see how he would answer thirteen simple questions about me.

1. What is one thing I'm always saying? You're always saying "Hey, Zshuzhee!" to the dog.  I have a lot of weird, made up nicknames for our dog.

2. What is one thing that makes me happy? Scout. Our dog. I'm obsessed.

3. What makes me sad? Not having Scout.

4. How tall am I? I'm 5'5.5"

5. What is my favorite thing to do? Read.

6. What do you think I do when you are not home? Watch TV and sleep.

7. If I were to become famous for one thing what would it be? Dancing.

8. What makes you proud of me? When you give to others, like when you get excited about doing Operation Christmas Child.

9. What is my favorite food? Pizza.

10. Where is my favorite place to visit? Pennsylvania. To visit my family!

11. What is one thing I do that annoys you? Man, there are just too many things to pick from... Haha, hilarious.

12. What is my favorite movie? Father of the Bride.

13. If I'm out and you get a call saying I'm making trouble, who a I most likely with? Jess.


Winter Hair, Don't Care

Dec 6, 2017
Winter brings all sorts of challenges for you hair. Dry air, wild winds, and going from the cold air outside to the heat inside can really do a number. And let's not forget that static cling! Following some simple steps will have your hair looking great all winter long, and you'll be saying 'Winter hair? Don't care!'


I've always had the worst tangles. If I wear my hair down I have to make sure I have a brush on hand to give it a good run-through a few times per day. Getting a brush through my hair after the shower when it's wet? Forget it. I've sent more than a few brushes and combs to the graveyard after breaking them trying to get them through my hair. Trying to brush out snarls and snags in wet hair is causing damage to the cuticle. Brush your hair prior to washing if you have tangles. It also makes for easier brushing after the shower!


I love hot baths and showers during the winter, but the hot water is actually striping my hair and scalp. Warm water is best to help your open up the hair cuticles, letting shampoo and conditioner penetrate better. A five second cold water rinse is recommended at the end of your shower to help seal the cuticles and boost shine.


A nickle sized amount of conditioner is a perfect amount for most hair types and lengths. For my fine hair, I only apply conditioner to the ends. This is also best for short hair. If your hair is thick, apply from ear level down. Leave conditioner on for one minute and then rinse out.


Spend at least one minute under the shower head to properly rinse shampoo and conditioner out of your hair. Running your fingers through your hair lets the water get to every layer.  Left over product can cause build up that dulls shine. Make sure the water runs clear before you stop rinsing.


There is no harm in washing your hair everyday... unless you have oily hair. Shampooing oily hair every day can strip your scalp and make it dry, causing your glands to produce even more oil to compensate. If you don't fall into the oily hair category, shampooing your hair everyday won't dry it out if you are using the right shampoo. There are a lot of products out there, so if you're unsure what to use go with a sulfate-free shampoo. It's gentle on all hair types.


Deep clean DIY! Mix a teaspoon of granulated sugar into your squeeze of shampoo and rub it into your scalp. The sugar gently exfoliates the scalp getting rid of dirt and product residue. Rinse as instructed above. A clarifying shampoo can be used one a month if you tend use use a lot of styling products. A healthy scalp is the base to great hair!

For prefect Winter skin check out Three Secrets to Incredible Skin!

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