Nov 21, 2014

Girls Getaway: The Bahamas

In case you haven't heard, I just got back from a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas! The weather was amazing the entire time! Let's relive it, shall we?!

I went on my first cruise with my friend Laura. One of the best things about this vacation was just getting to spend time with her. We met our junior year of college, moved in together our senior year, and became fast and super close friends. She was in my wedding and last person I slept with as a single lady! She's such a selfless, loving person and such an awesome mom!

I drove to her place on Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday Laura's fiance, Josh, drove us to a tiny, tiny airport in Labtrobe, PA where we left from for Ft. Lauderdale, FL!!!

We were soooo excited to be on the plane and headed to warm weather!

However, once we landed in Ft. Lauderdale we sat on the runway for an hour. That was a total bummer!

By the time we made from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami we ened up checking into our hotel around 10pm. We were up bright and early the next day to check out the South Beach area before we had to board our cruise ship.

After South Beach we headed to the Port of Miami and boarded the Carnival Ecstacy! The ship was MASSIVE!

We spend the first night exploring the boat. We enjoyed sit down dinner and some spa services!

We were docked in the Bahamas by the next morning on Day 2! Laura and I spent the day at the Melia resort enjoying the private beach, pools, and ocean! Swimming in the ocean was one of my favorite parts of the whole vacation. The water was a beautiful blue color, clear, and warm! We checked out the Nassau Straw Market on the way back.


That night we again enjoyed dinner, visit the piano bar (which was sooooo much fun!), and went to a party of the Lido Deck. Ummm no one showed up to the boat party, so Lar and I ventured off the boat to find some dancing.

We spent Day 3 at sea and lounging by the pool. We witnessed a sexy man contest, which realllly wish I had taken pictures of because it was super entertaining to watch! We also did some line dancing on the Lido Deck stage, and I napped enjoyed some time on the ship's Serenity Lounge area.
Our last night at dinner was so fun! The wait staff did this whole dance routine to Gangum Style. Again, I really wish I would have gotten pictures!!!


I think that evening was the most fun. I convinced Laura to go to the Motown show with me because (1) I like that music and (2) I'm slightly obsessed with music, dance, and theater. The show ended with everyone dancing into the atrium for a Motown dance party. SO. MUCH. FUN. Laura and I won medals for our awesome dance skills. We ended up playing Motown trivia and danced even more with some other guests. I ended up singing 'You Can't Hurry Love' into the cruise director's mic. He recognized us when we were dismebarking the next day and said, "Thanks for dancing and singing! You are the two least likely people I expected for Motown!" Haha, yes Cruise Director James, I am a huge dork.

We got off the boat on Monday and flew from Ft. Lauderdale to Labtrobe. I drove home to Michigan on Tuesday and went back to work on Wednesday. It was such a fast trip, but it was so much fun!

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Nov 19, 2014

I'm baaaaaack!

Did anyone miss me? I'm back from my cruise to the Bahamas! Thanks to everyone who left me awesome comments on my Travel Tuesday: Bahamas Bound post. I can't wait to share my exprience with you all!

After spending some amazing days in 80 degree weather I came home to this...

Home Sweet Home
To make things even better...
I got my car stuck in the driveaway.

Reunited and it feels good!

 Happy Hump Day!

Nov 17, 2014

Monday Madness Link Up 11.17.14

Hey all! I'm still away on my trip! Today we dock in Miami and fly back to Pennsylvania. I'll be arriving home in Michigan on Tuesday!

Enjoy the Monday Madness link up and some inspiration for this week!