Sep 19, 2014

Fall Beauty Week: When to Throw Away Your Makeup

How long have your makeup products crowded your bathroom drawer and your makeup bag? Once you open makeup products they are on a time clock. They only last for so long before being contaminated with bacteria that's harmful to your skin.

Here are some rules to follow on what to toss when:


You’ve got two to three months with your mascara wand once it's opened. Once the mascara has gotten thick, or starts to flake, it means its had too much contact with air, and there could be bacteria lurking inside the tube. To prevent this, never pump your mascara. When pulling the applicator out of the tube, twist it around slowly to build up the product.


Liquid liner is in the same category as mascara - toss it after three months to avoid a potential eye infection and never, ever share!  Pencil eyeliners can have a longer shelf life, but you need to sharpen them regularly. Bacteria can linger and could cause irritation. Spray alcohol on the tip before sharpening and do at least three rotations to remove germs.


Once opened, you’ve got 6 months to a year. Check that the consistency still looks the same and apply it using a brush or sponge. If unopened, it can last a couple of years, so don’t be afraid to stock pile your favorite!


You can get away with keeping your lipsticks for two years without spoiling. If you keep them stored in a dark, cool place they can be kept longer. Once they start smelling rancid or looking fuzzy you’ll know it’s time to throw them away.


Provided they are powders, they have the longest shelf life of any product. If you wet them, it's different story. Wetting them creates a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause eye infections. They’ll have to be tossed around the six month mark.


If they are good quality and you take care of them properly, your brushes should last for life.  Wash after every use with a brush cleaner and lay them out flat on a tissue to completely dry before storing away. You can also use baby shampoo or this DIY tutorial for brush cleaning.

Did you know these rules of thumb?

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Hope you enjoyed Fall Beauty Week 2014!

Sep 18, 2014

Fall Beauty Week: How to Backcomb

As the weather turns cooler loose, beachy waves move out and more structured, voluminous style moves in. Backcombing is a great way to add both structure and volume to your look for Fall and Winter.

Here's how to get get the perfect backcombed hair and avoid ratting. Can I getta #BigHairDontCare?!
Prepare Your Hair

If you have freshly washed hair with no product in it and you attempt a big full bodied hairstyle, it will be very difficult to pull off.
  • Add a finishing product that adds texture such as a volumizing mousse, texture spray, or root lift.
  • If you have glassy hair, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Have your stylist add texture the next time you get your hair cut.

    Pick Your Tools

    I use the Cricket Amped Up Tease Brush and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play texturizing powder.
    How to Comb Down/Tease
    The best way to describe combing down is it is a circular motion. Do not just move the comb up and down. That ratting. Make sure you pull the comb out after you push down before you move up the hair shaft again.
    The base of your backcombing is what will hold your volume in all day.
    1. Start at the crown and pull up a 1-2 inch section – the smaller the section the tighter the tease.
    2. Comb it to smooth and remove any tangles. 

     3.With one hand, tightly hold the ends of the section straight up from the scalp, holding the comb with the other.
    4. Insert the comb mid-shaft and run the comb down the length of the hair towards the scalp, when you reach the scalp pull the comb out and continue back at mid-shaft, making quick short strokes until you have the desired height and fullness. Do not just move the comb up and down. That ratting. Make sure you pull the comb out after you push down before you move up the hair shaft again.
    5. Now take a section under the first – you can go straight back or to the side. Combine that section with the first section – comb at the ends to smooth, and then backcomb it to the first section in the same fashion. When you go to the side, just lift up that top section, and hold it up with some of the back, than backcomb to that. This prevents holes, and lumps and the style falling out.

    6. You will work around the head always making sure that all the sections are connected. Remember go bigger than you want the end result to be, and it will look like a hot mess until the next step.
    7. Take the comb and lightly smooth out the top layer of hair, then spray with hairspray to set. You can lift that top layer and spray if needed to.

    Additional Tips and Tricks
    • Backcomb hair first, smooth, and then curl.
    • You can add little shots of hairspray at roots while backcombing for ultimate hold.
    • To take out backcombing, start combing at the ends then work your way up. Do not rip through the hair, this causes unnecessary breakage.

    Here are some of my favorite teased styles for Fall:

    Do you backcomb? Is teasing a part of your every day routine?
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    Sep 17, 2014

    Fall Beauty: 5 Ways to Wear a Tartan Blanket Scarf

    Zara, Nordstrom, and Gap are all pushing their tartan blanket scarves for Fall/Winter 2014. They are warm, stylish, and affordable. What's not to like? But -  how can you style them? Here's 5 ways to wear a tartan blanket scarf to help get your creative juices flowing.

    Style 1: Tartan with Chambray

    Tartan #1


    Style 2: Tartan with a Different Pattern

    Tartain #2

    Style 3: Tartan with a LBD
    Tartan #3

    Style 4: Tartan with Outwear

    Tartan #4

    Style 5: Tartan with a Quilted Vest
    Tartain #5

    How are you wearing your tartan and plaid this season?
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    Sep 16, 2014

    Fall Beauty Week: Affordable Fall Lip and Nail Colors

    You don't have to break the bank to follow the trends of Fall 2014. Makeup can be an easy (and cheap!) way to incorporate the most current Fall trends into your routine. Check it out:


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    Sep 15, 2014

    Fall Beauty Week: Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty

    Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Fall Beauty Week at A Cute Angle. Come back everyday this week for features on makeup, hair, and fashion to get you ready for fall. You never know when a giveaway might pop up...

    Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty campaign is going on right now and there are two weeks remaining. There is a different deal on a different product every day! Its a great time to get high end products are really amazing prices. Here's what's going on in the final two weeks:

    Visit Ulta's website to learn more! I'm excited for Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer, Urban Decay Naked Beauty Balm, Bare Minerals Six Steps to Gorgeous, and the CK One Lipstick! You can really stock up for fall with these deals! Happy shopping.

    Speaking of beauty...

    I got to spend all day Saturday with this beauty:

    My 14-month-old niece, Demi! We hung out while her daddy and Nick had some guy time. We played, ate, had bath time, and went shopping for some fall/winter clothes! She'll be the best dressed baby around!

    She's such an easy, happy baby. I really lucked out! My handsome little boy was a little jealous that his mommy was paying attention to someone else.
    Scout in one of his only docile moments on Saturday.
    Hope everyone had a great weekend! It's back to work for me!