My Camping Adventure

Jun 19, 2017
My sister-in-law Meghan convinced me to go camping with her and my three month old niece. I have no idea how she convinced me to do this. I just must like her a lot. So on Friday night we set out on my very first camping adventure.

We rented a rustic cabin (no running water or bathroom facilities) in Waterloo State Park near Chelsea, Michigan. Meghan and I were excited to hear that the two cabins that sandwiches ours were under going renovations so we had the whole area to ourselves!

We ate, sipped, took walks, read, napped, peed in the woods, and each got a collection of bug bites.

We even foraged for our own fire food, chopped it, and built a fire.

Well, that part was mostly Meghan, but I do know how to grill mean hot dog from my days at Camp Akanac with my cousins growing up.


FriYAY 6.16.17

Jun 16, 2017
This week was my first full week back to work since getting back to the States. Can I get a YAY that it's almost over?!

This weekend I plan to have my first camping experience. Yes, in my almost 33-years on this earth I have never gone camping. My sister-in-law convinced me to go on a camping adventure with her. On the bright side, we have a cabin. On the not so bring side, it doesn't have running water, a bathroom, or electricity. And we're taking my 3-month-old niece.

I always look forward to the summer because I always think it's going to be slower and relaxing. It never is. There are tons of birthdays in my family and we always have little things planned for the weekend. Winter is relaxing here. It's so damn cold no one wants to do anything. Summer is so short here. You really have to live it up!

Hey hubs...

Hoping to get some travel recaps up next week now that I am settled back in to home and work. Can't wait to share with ya'll!

Me snow tubing in the Swiss Alps at the top of the Klein Matterhorn.


Five on Friday 6.9.17

Jun 9, 2017

//1// Nick and I have always talked about how amazing it would be to live in Europe. This last trip has really cemented in my mind that I'm ready to make a change and ready to start seriously looking in to moving and living an expat life. Does anyone know any good resources or an expat that you could hook me up with? We don't know know where to start!

//2// Hair inspo. 

I really, really want my hair to look like this. I'm going to see a new stylist tomorrow morning. I just haven't found one who is great with color yet. My old girl turned my roots orange right before vacation (as you will see in pics to come). Time for change!

//3// I believe I am having a midlife crisis. In fact, I think I've been having one for the last several years. I turn 33 this summer, and although that's not "old", it's not 23. My age is going to start to restrict me from doing certain things pretty soon. I read an article on Psychology Today 'What  Female Midlife Crisis Looks Like'  and this article of the six stages of a midlife crisis, and I gotta be honest, a lot of it rang true.

//4// Another pic from the trip.

Nick and me with our friends Mark and Danica at Isola Bella in Stresa, Italy.

//5// How gorgeous was Pippa Middleton on her wedding day? She totally outdid Kate.


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