Four Ways to Happier Days

Apr 30, 2017
I am not what you would call 'a morning person', and Mondays are especially hard. Adding simple things to our morning routine can make for a better wake up call and better days ahead.

//1// Stop hitting snooze.

Set two alarms, on in your bedroom and one in your bathroom. Set them for ten minutes apart. Having two alarms in separate room will keep you from repeated snoozes, but still gives you ten minutes of extra rest before you have to get up and turn off the second alarm.

//2// Open the curtains.

Light helps regulate melatonin, the hormone that tells our bodies when to wake and when to sleep. Leave the curtains or blinds cracked open when going to bed. This will  let the sunlight stream in in the morning, and you'll natural start to come out of sleep. If you have windows in your bathroom, open those curtains/blinds while you get ready for work. If you don't head to work, open up the window dressing of the rooms you will be spending the most time in.

//3// Exercise.

If you can get to the gym to start your day - great! But most of us can't or won't. Try simple stretches and exercise while your coffee is brewing and before your shower. Morning exercises can help improve your metabolism, improve focus and mental ability, and increase energy.

//4// Eat breakfast.

It's easy to skip breakfast as we're running out the door. Making time to grab breakfast in the morning can help with weight control,  help lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol, help maintain blood glucose levels and control cravings throughout the day. Fresh fruit, oatmeal, whole grain breads, low-fat cheese, and hard boiled eggs are all healthy choices for a grab and go breakfast.


Business Spotlight: STAND

Apr 24, 2017
A Cute Angle, this little space of mine, is very female-centric and caters to an audience of women. As women we have the amazing opportunity and ability to build up and encourage the men in our life. I've come out on this blog as a feminist, and many people are confused with this term. Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of equality of the sexes. Not only do I want to see the women in my life succeed, but also the men.

When Dwayne D. Hayes, the Founder and Managing Director, of STAND magazine approached me, I knew it was something I wanted my readers to know about.

STAND magazine takes a stand for a balanced and whole-hearted masculinity that embraces the expression of emotion as strength, promotes healthy body, mind and spirit, and appreciates style and good humor.

The literary magazine takes on topics such as the male body imagine crisis, fitness, fashion, addiction, mental health, and fatherhood. STAND also features interviews with business leaders, books reviews, and it's laced with essays, quotes, poetry, and ascetically pleasing photos.

STAND has the ability to change society's view on man and smash stereotypes. Start by checking out the STAND magazine website. See how it will reshape your mind.

Five on Friday 4.21.17

Apr 21, 2017

//1// Puppies love baby talk, but dogs don't.

Scout's almost 8. Does this mean I need to stop my baby talk?! Awww, my little smooshy whooshy!

//2// Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette Promo material came out this week, and she looks AH-MAZING!

But there is already controversy other whether ABC lightened her skin or not. ::womp,womp::

//3// Nick and I love lemonade. We always used powder, but I want to try a homemade recipe as the weather starts to get warmer.

I'm excited to try this Homemade Pink Lemonade recipe.

//4// Queen Elizabeth is now the oldest reigning monarch. Today is her 91st birthday!

She took the thrown at the age of 21.


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