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Jul 30, 2013

I love my PYT ceramic styling tool. I was first introduced to it at my local mall. A cute little kiosk was set up in the middle of the mall displaying the line of Pretty Young Thing styling tools. There is a reason I don’t call it a hair straightener or a flat iron. This bad boy can not only straighten, but also creates waves or curls. Once I had this I got rid of all my other styling tools. This does the job for me!

Let’s talk about curling and waving first. My hair is not the type to hold style without a boat load of hairspray. When I curled my hair with a traditional curling iron my curls were flat within an hour (even with hairspray!), and it took forever! I can curl or wave my hair in probably half the time with this tool and no more crunchy curls! The best part is that the curls actually stay in.

I have naturally wavy hair and when I let it air dry it can be a little out of control. It has a mind of its own – curly in some places, wavy in others, straight anywhere else. This tool glides through my hair and smoothes it out without catching, frying, or having to pull it through multiple times.

straight hair

loose waves/curls
tighter curls

Here’s the science according to the company’s website (

The extra high grade ceramic is a superior heat conductor that generates far-infrared heat. Far infrared heat locks in moisture with each smooth pass, styling hair to a perfectly frizz-free sheen. The unique floating plate design will not leave creases as you style, giving you the potential to create sleek and straight hair, flirty flips, voluminous waves, or perfect curls. The floating plates also ensure precise contact between hair and plates to eliminate tugging.  Adjustable temperature ranging from 140˚F to 450˚F allows for absolute temperature control to match any hair type.

Here are the features with my notes:

+ 100% Extra High Grade Ceramic – Most flat irons are ceramic coated. This means that the outside of the plates are coated in ceramic, but the inside is a different type of metal. Ceramic coated plates wear down and scratch easier than plates that are 100% ceramic making their lifetime much shorter before they need to be replaced.

+ 1.25 inch Wide Floating Plates – Good plate size. Not too big, not too small.

 + 9 foot 360˚ swivel cord – Love this feature! How many times  have you switched sides or are trying to get to the back of your hair and the cord is either in your face or chokes you? This swivel feature keeps it out of the way!

 + 140˚F-450˚F Adjustable Temperature Control – This is great because you can adjust the dial to the amount of heat you need for your hair type which I feel helps minimize the damage to your hair. If I blow dry my hair I use a lower heat setting and if I don’t I use a higher temperature.

 + Easy Grip Heat Resistant Handle – It’s true that the handle and grip do not get hot. Pay attention when you are picking it up though. The fastest way to get a burn is to accidently pick it up too close to the plates. They get HOT.

 + Dual Voltage 150W Power Output – LOVE THIS! I love to travel. When my husband and I went to Europe in May all I had to do, because the product is dual voltage, was purchase a plug adapter/power converter and pack it in my suitcase along with the tool!

 + Ready to use in 10 seconds – It may when you first buy it. The older it gets the slower it is, but it’s still really fast (I would say under 3 minutes)!

 + 1 year Limited Warranty – Only if you buy it through an authorized Pretty Young Thing dealer.

Photo by: Ashley E. Angle

Alright, here’s the kicker... it costs $200. You can purchase the PYT ceramic styling tool from the company’s official website and they are available at higher end beauty supply stores. You can “talk down” the sales person at the mall Kiosk to $100 and they offer payments. They also offer free hair styling if you purchase the tool from them. They will style your hair with PYT products for free for a night out, wedding, etc. if you let them know in advance when you are coming... OR you can purchase the product on Amazon which is what I opted to do. I got it for $40 and free shipping! What a steal!  The only downside is since Amazon is not an authorized PYT dealer I did not get the warranty. However, I have been careful not to drop it or abuse it (too much) and it has been working fine for me for over a year now. It would have been cool to get the free hair styling, but I chose the economical way to go.

Check to see if your mall has a PYT kiosk. The PYT stylist will show you all the different features (including teaching you how to curl with it). It’s always best to try before you buy (when possible)!

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Summer's Hottest Hotties

Jul 26, 2013
No, I did not fall off the face of the earth! My dad and sister were visiting from Pennsylvania. It was so amazing to have them here spend some quality time with them. Special shout out to my little sister, Courtney. Today is her 26th birthday! Stop by the Facebook page and wish her a happy birthday! We actually had some cooler weather for their visit, but recently it has been hot, humid, and miserable here in Western MI. There is nothing I like to do better on an unbearably humid day than to pick up my favorite flicks starring my favorite guys and hunker down in the AC with a bowl of popcorn. Now that we are halfway through the summer I'd like to share my favorite hotties.

Age: 45         
Country of Origin: England    
Status: Married to actress Rachel Weisz
Movie Pick: Skyfall and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Skyfall synopsis:
007 (Daniel Craig) becomes M's only ally as MI6 comes under attack, and a mysterious new villain emerges with a diabolical plan. James Bond's latest mission has gone horribly awry, resulting in the exposure of several undercover agents, and an all-out attack on M16. Meanwhile, as M (Judi Dench) plans to relocate the agency, emerging Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) raises concerns about her competence while attempting to usurp her position, and Q (Ben Whishaw) becomes a crucial ally. Now the only person who can restore M's reputation is 007. Operating in the dark with only field agent Eve (Naomie Harris) to guide him, the world's top secret agent works to root out an enigmatic criminal mastermind named Silva (Javier Bardem) as a major storm brews on the horizon. Albert Finney also stars in the 23rd installment of the long-running spy series.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo synopsis:
A discredited journalist (Daniel Craig) and a mysterious computer hacker discover that even the wealthiest families have skeletons in their closets while working to solve the mystery of a 40-year-old murder in this David Fincher-directed remake of the 2009 Swedish thriller of the same name. Inspired by late author Stieg Larsson's successful trilogy of books, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo gets under way as the two leads (Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara) are briefed in the disappearance of Harriet Vanger, whose uncle suspects she may have been killed by a member of their own family. The deeper they dig for the truth, however, the greater the risk of being buried alive by members of the family, who will go to great lengths to keep their secrets tightly sealed.

Any girl could stare into those baby blues all day long. Daniel Craig has such a range I couldn't just pick one movie. I love him as James Bond. Who doesn't love a ruggedly handsome man kicking butt in a tux. Skyfall had a great script and a great cast of characters (Javier Bardem rocks in this movie!). There is plenty of action for the guys, lots of eye candy for the girls, and a great story for both. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was just a crazy movie (I'm reading the book now)! Although this movie is also action packed it was more of a thriller than a Bond-esque action movie. His character is very intellectual and savvy. Daniel Craig is under contract to do two more Bond movies and the two more Dragon Tattoo movies (The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest). I'm excited I'll get to see him again in my favorite roles!

Age: 44
Country of Origin: America
Status: Married since 2001
Movie Pick: Identity Thief

Identity Thief synopsis:
An accounts representative embarks on a frantic quest to reclaim his identity from the Orlando thief who stole it and destroyed his credit by embarking on a massive spending spree in this comedy starring Jason Bateman (Arrested Development, Horrible Bosses) and Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids). Sandy Bigelow Patterson (Bateman) has a problem. A Denver family man who's always been responsible with his personal finances, he is shocked to learn that his credit score is in shambles. But it gets worse -- if he can't clear his name in a week, the mix-up could very well cost him his job. Fortunately Sandy is in luck; after the unrepentant Florida fraudster (McCarthy) who stole his identity causes a stir in a club and misses her court date, Sandy is arrested and promptly released when detectives request a mug shot, and realize their mistake. When the police refuse to offer any help, Sandy realizes that his only choice is to catch the imposter himself and bring her back to Denver to face justice. Unfortunately, this wily thief isn't going down without a fight, and with a grizzled skip tracer (Robert Patrick) and a pair of vicious gangsters (Génesis Rodríguez and T.I.) determined to get the fake Sandy first, every step along the way will be a struggle

Totally random crush, right? But I find him so attractive! I love that he looks like a normal guy and often plays normal guy characters. I loved watching him on reruns of The Hogan Family, Arrested Development is halarious, and I am so excited he has been getting so many main stream movie roles (Horrible Bosses, Juno, Couple's Retreat, Hancock, The Change Up, etc.) I'm pretty sure if I was older when he was a teen star I would have had his poster on my bedroom wall.

Age: 42
Country of Origin: Scotland
Status: Married since 1995
Movie Pick: Long Way Round and Long Way Down

Teach me Obi-Wan! I can't get enough of Ewan's cute smile and Scottish accent. Long Way Round and Long Way Down aren't movies, but rather docu-series that Ewan did with his best friend, Charley Boorman, in 2004 and 2007. The series chronicles the friends traveling from Europe to the US (Long Way Round) and from Scotland to South Africa (Long Way Down) on motorcycle! These series make for some really funny, heartfelt, and extraordinary moments - and you get to see Ewan McGregor as himself!

: 28
Country of Origin: England
Status: Dating and lives with actress Ruda Gedmintas
Movie Pick: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding synopsis:
As the preparations for her lavish country wedding get underway, young bride-to-be Dolly Thatcham (Felicity Jones) reunites with her former lover Joseph (Luke Treadaway), and begins to have second thoughts about her impending nuptials. England, 1932: Dolly's family has assembled at a sprawling country manor to see her tie the knot when Joseph shows up unexpectedly. The previous summer, Joseph and Dolly experienced rapture in one another's arms, and as the hour of her wedding approaches, old passions are reignited. Meanwhile, Dolly's mother (Elizabeth McGovern) remains determined to ensure that the ceremony transpires without incident. As the temptation to run away with Joseph grows, Dolly must choose between a stable future with her devoted fiancé or a life less ordinary with the man who swept her off her feet

I discovered Luke Treadaway and Cheerful Weather for the Wedding on a flight from Munich to Chicago. This is a British movie with some really cute British humor. You really have to pay attention to humorous nuances of this movie. This movie tells the story of young love and choosing between your head and your heart. I loved the story and I love Luke Treadaway (another yummy Brit)! Who doesn't love a guy with freckles?

Age: 26
Country of Origin: Scotland
Status: Dating and lives with his girlfriend of 8 years

Ok, so Andy Murray is NOT an actor, but he is the hottest guy this summer and you can catch him on TV a lot! I've already watched him win the Aegon Championships and Wimbledon  this summer! Andy is athletic, humble, and hard working - what a combo! I can't wait to watch him in the Roger's Cup (only 10 days away!) and the US Open in August! Tournaments are usually televised on the Tennis Channel and ESPN. Even if you don't like tennis, I suggest you check it out. ;)

Share your picks for Summer's Hottest Hotties in the comments or over on Facebook!

Happy Birthday to this little pipsqueak! She's 26 today!

Me (left) and my sis enjoying our time together! We've come along way, baby...


Jul 22, 2013

The heir to the British throne has arrived! It is an 8 lb 6 oz BOY! This is a huge day for a royal enthusiast (such as me). Head over to A Cute Angle’s Facebook page to join in on the fun!

This is my library. Can you spot the Royal Wedding memorabilia?
My sister is coming in from out of state tomorrow. I've convinced her to celebrate with me!

Congratulations, Kate!

Selfie Saturday!

Jul 20, 2013
Hey everyone! It's Selfie Saturday! In case you've missed it, click on the Selfie Esteem page link above (or here). Meet Jennifer, Tracey, and Olivia and learn their tips and tricks. Head over to A Cute Angle's Facebook page or Twitter for exclusive Selfie Saturday content!

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A Little Dirt Never Hurt...

Jul 18, 2013
Photo by: Ashley E. Angle

To say that I hate cleaning would be the understatement of the decade. Many people like to use green products or create their own that are chemical free. I am a working girl and an undomesticated goddess, and if you are like me your main focus is finding something fast and effective. Here are some of my favorites!

Formula 409 Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner
  • It’s true that it cuts through grease and grime!
  • Made in the USA.
  • Safe for septic systems.
  • I use this on everything – kitchen counters, bathroom counters, the microwave, the outside of the toilet, the top and bottom of the toilet seat, etc.
  • If I use the 409 on a surface where I prepare food I will wipe that area down with a wet paper towel after cleaning it.
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach
  • It kills 99.9% of germs (if you let it sit in the bowl for at least 10 minutes!).
  • I scrub less because of the bleach.
  • I flush the toilet, apply the product, leave it for 15 minutes, do a quick scrub with the toilet brush, and flush again... PRESTO! Clean toilet bowl!
Swiffer Sweeper Dry Sweeping Cloths
  • I use the unscented version, but they also come in Lavender Vanilla, Sweet Citrus, and Gain Original Scent.
  • This is the only product I use for dusting! Great on my furniture and TVs!
  • I slap one of these on my Swiffer Sweeper, apply my Bona floor cleaner, and mop it up (see below)!
Bona Wood Floor Cleaner
  • I spray this product on my wood floors and go over it with my Swiffer Sweeper and dry cloth. I change the cloth intermittently while cleaning.
  • Doesn’t leave streaks!
  • Leaves my floors looking visibly cleaner and shinier!
Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Carpet Odor Eliminating Powder plus OxiClean Dirt Fighters
  1. My dog does not shed or have accidents on the floor (thank goodness!). I like to use it as an enhancement for vacuuming and I do have a pet… so why not?!
  2. I love that it helps the vacuum lift up to 25% more dirt.
  3. It’s safe to use around pets!
  4. It leaves a nice, fresh scent. Your house smells so clean after using this!
All of these items can be found at the grocery store for less than $10 a piece!

Photo by: Ashley E. Angle

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Jul 14, 2013

Gluten free diets are all the rage now, not only in Hollywood, but in our own neighborhoods. Many claim benefits such as weight loss, better digestion, more energy, and an all-around better feeling body. Before it became a popular diet fad, people who lived a gluten free lifestyle were sparse and most likely sufferers of Celiac Disease, an autoimmune digestive ailment.

According to the Mayo Clinic the small intestine is lined with tiny hair-like projections called villi, which work to absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the food. Celiac Disease damages the villi, leaving a person’s body unable to absorb nutrients necessary for health. Early signs and symptoms of Celiac can vary greatly, but can include stomach pain, bloating, gas, decreased appetite, weight loss, intermittent or constant diarrhea, nausea, and/or vomiting. Long-term symptoms include easy bruising, hair loss, missed menstrual periods, fatigue and joint pain, and itchy skin.

Laura, now twenty-nine, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at the age of nineteen. “Growing up I always had a stomach ache,” Laura says. “Sometimes I would have these terrible pains and I was barely able to breathe becuase I was in so much pain.” The pains started around third grade. Laura’s parents took her to the doctor numerous times throughout her childhood. She was prescribed medicine and told to write down what she ate. Her mom started to keep track of when she complained or when she would go to the school nurse with a stomach ache.  There was never a pattern of what Laura had eaten in relation to when her stomach hurt.

“When I was 19, I can remember crawling into my parents' bedroom. I was in so much pain,” Laura said.  Laura and her parents finally went to meet with a gastroenterologist.  The gastroenterologist ordered Laura to have an endoscopy and a biopsy done, and blood work to follow up. She explains of the diagnosis process, “There are certain levels of something in the blood they look for, and even though the endoscopy showed that, yes, I did have Celiac Disease, the blood work confirmed that my levels were off the charts.” Celiac Disease can be confused with irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, intestinal infections, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Medical research shows that 1 in 141 people in the United States is affected by Celiac Disease, but most go undiagnosed.

“I was confused,” Laura said. “Then I was angry.  All of a sudden I was different, in my second semester of college; I couldn't eat everything I'd been accustomed to eating my whole life.  Watching my friends enjoy all the foods I loved that I suddenly couldn't was very hard.” Laura set off to start a gluten free diet, but was often confused about what she could or could not eat.  “I had to start really thinking about what I was eating and start reading all the ingredients.  I didn't care a lot of the time still and ate whatever I wanted.” Those with Celiac not following a strict gluten free diet may experience severe stomach aches and pains and digestive issues. Not only was Laura facing a change of diet, but also a change of lifestyle. Gluten is found in many common products that we eat every day. Not only is gluten (a protein) found in wheat, barley, and rye, but can also be found in malt flavoring, caramel coloring, beer, and oats. In addition, Laura cannot eat breads, bagels, cookies, cakes, pasta, and many cereals.

Ten years after her diagnosis Laura still has to make special accommodations. “Sometimes it's still hard to go places. Going out to eat is easier now, though, I can usually at least always get a salad if all else fails,” she says.  Being invited to some of life’s most common celebrations can pose a problem. “Being invited places, being in weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, are difficult because most of the time there isn't something I can eat,” says Laura. Even if the hosts knows she has Celiac many still don't understand what gluten is or what it is found in. “A lot of times I eat before I go somewhere just in case, or throw a protein bar or something into my purse.” When Laura goes out to eat she usually sticks to ordering salads, burgers without the bun, grilled chicken, steak, and vegetables – no pasta and nothing breaded. “Many restaurants are adding gluten-free choices to their menus as more people become aware and it becomes more of a ‘fad,” says mom to two-year-old Cason.  There is always the chance that Laura may eat something she thinks it gluten free but is not because of the added seasonings. A quick bite on the run is usually a challenge too.

There is also a price attached to Celiac Disease. Laura gets easily frustrated by how expensive eating gluten free can be. A generic loaf of bread at the grocery store can be averaged to be priced at less than one dollar. A package of gluten free bread is estimated at about $5.49 – and the loaf has half the amount of slices of the regular loaf of bread. Laura says, “The bagels I get are $6.49 for four bagels!” When Laura was diagnosed 10 years ago, not many people knew about the gluten free lifestyle and gluten free food was not very appetizing (Laura describes it as tasting like cardboard covered in saw dust).  Now, there are more big name manufacturers developing gluten free products which makes it easier to shop and eat gluten free.  Laura has actually found some go to gluten free brands including Udi's and Glutino. “Why anyone would go gluten free without having to be is completely beyond me.  It's not a fad for me.  It was forced and sometimes that's very frustrating.”

On top of her Celiac Disease Laura is highly allergic to apples, peaches, and plums. Other fruits can also bother her, but she can’t pin point which ones and on which given day a reaction could occur.  She has also developed other food allergies which may or may not be related to Celiac. Laura also has Gastroperesis, which means she digests food more slowly than most.

Laura recently had another endoscopy and more blood work as a part of her continuing care. Her levels were all normal which means her gluten free lifestyle has been beneficial and healed the damage that had been done to her small intestine. Laura says of her disease, “Many people misunderstand and think Celiac Disease is an allergy.  It's an intolerance; an autoimmune disease that causes malabsorbtion of the nutrients.”  She supplements her diet with vitamins to ensure she is getting all the nutrients she needs. “I actually feel a lot better without gluten.”

Kudos to Laura for keeping up her gluten free lifestyle and keeping herself healthy for 10 years (and having an absolute adorbs son)!

To learn more about Celiac Disease check out

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Lar and Me in 2005! We go way back.

Meet Jennifer...

Jul 12, 2013
Jennifer, 23, better known as Princess Nifah, is on her way up in the beauty scene. She's living her dream as a young entrepreneur in the beauty industry in Montreal. Princess Nifah runs her own mobile beauty institute called Au Palais de la Beauté (The Beauty Palace) and hosts a beauty web show called Lumière sur la Beauté (Light on Beauty). She also enjoys writing articles for her personal blog to give young women advice about relationships and dating (it's in French!).

In this photo Jennifer is wearing her hair naturally curly. She curled it a bit more in order to achieve a more polished style. She is wearing MAC Matchmaster foundation and green and gold eye shadows. On the lips, is Maybelline lipstick in Warm Up.
As a beauty advisor and makeup artist, Princess Nifah has a simple beauty routine that she recommends to everyone and it's all about having clean, healthy skin! In the morning,  she washes her face with face cleanser, tones it with a toner, hydrates it with face cream, and protects it by using an SPF 30 sun cream. Before going to bed, Jennifer makes sure to take off her makeup with makeup remover. She often uses olive oil and baby wipes to take it off.  She then washes her face, tones it, and uses a hydrating cream. "Please make sure you use products that are appropriate to your skin type," Princess Nifah cautions. "I use Neutrogena products since they set me free from acne when I was a teenager."

You can learn even more beauty tips and tricks from Princess Nifah by staying in touch via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. You can follow her via twitter @PrincesseNifah and follow her company Facebook fan page and Instagram @AuPalaisdelaBeauté. 

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It's the Pits!

Jul 1, 2013
Photo by: Ashley E. Angle

Okay, ladies... let's talk about deodorant. We all need it and we all should be using it. I've tried many different deodorants from Suave to Lady Speed Stick. I want a lot out of my deodorant - 1) I want something with a light scent so it doesn't over power my perfume 2) something that works on sensitive skin (yes, I have gotten rashes from my deodorant!) and 3) something that lasts all day. I was also seeing dark marks under my arms after shaving (yup, I'm getting candid). It was so annoying how noticeable it was! Little did I know was that shaving irritation was actually the culprit of the dark marks.

Then Dove Clear Tone Skin Renewal Deodorant came into my life. I decided to try it after seeing the commercial which promised that the product would help diminish dark spots. I knew it at least couldn't hurt. So did this product check all my boxes? It comes in a scent called Sheer Touch which gives a light, fresh scent - check. I have not gotten any rashes, itching, or irritation from it - check. I do not need to carry a stick or a travel size with me to reapply - check. The best part is that the product actually does what it advertises! Like any dark spot correcting treatments (serums, creams, lotions, etc) you have to give it time to work. I started seeing results in 6 to 8 weeks (and I apply my deodorant before leaving the house in the morning and apply a thin layer at night after showering, before going to bed).

Photo by: Ashley E. Angle
Clear Tone has a unique formula made with calendula and sunflower seed extracts. The extracts help to moisturize and accelerate the natural skin renewal process to reduce dark marks. Again, the key is that it works with regular use and over time. My underarm skin now matches the tone of the skin on the rest of my body, and I don't get painful red bumps or rashes anymore! You really can't beat this especially since it also offers 48-hour odor and wetness protection. I bought a stick at my local grocery store for $3.99. Prices may vary depending on sales and the store you go to. I suggest giving it a try, but when it comes to deodorant different women have different needs.

Visit to browse their full line of products, read beauty articles and advice, and learn about their self-esteem program for girls ages 8 to 18!

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