Galentine's Day Brunch - Decor

Jan 31, 2014
When dealing with our husbands, family, and work our girlfriends can often be put on the back burner. Use February 13 as a special day just for them! Leave your men at home! Galentine's Day is a great way to celebrate with married, single, dating, engaged and divorced gal pals. It's all about love between friends!

Thank you for joining me for Part II of my four part Galentine's Day Brunch series. I have already covered favors and invitations, so today we will be talking about décor.

The décor sets the theme and tone of any party. There is so much you can convey to your guests just by the way the room is decorated and the way the food is presented. Will it be a casual or more formal get together? The key to décor at  a Galentine's Day Brunch is make the party seem warm, inviting, and intimate. There are so many different ways to decorate to keep with the Galentine's theme!

This table is very feminine and easy to put together. All you will need is a plain, white tablecloth, paper doilies from the craft store, mix and match dishes, votive candle holders, and your favorite vases.

Add fresh flowers to the vases from your super market. If you have a bigger budget, support your local florist by picking flowers from his or her shop.

Sheet music makes a unique and very feminine place setting. Are you a traveler? Use maps. You can also use book pages or create your own with your favorite love quotes. It's easy to make paper look old by simply dabbing it with a tea bag and let it dry.

The black and white striped table runner makes this table décor a little more modern. This setting still has feminine touches with the pink table cloth and fresh flowers. Try using mason jars with a single lace ribbon wrapped around them. Again, add fresh flowers from your grocery store, farmer's market, or florist.

This table offers a fun and flirty style with a mix of patterns. Try mixing stripes and polka dots! Pink rock candy makes for great centerpieces and take homes, and layering smaller paper plates on top of a larger paper plates makes using paper wear more elegant.

  • Ask your neighbors, family, and co workers for help. If you want to use china, but don't have any see what your gang can come up with. Some may uncover antiques and heirlooms that they are willing to let you use.
  • It's not about how much you spend, but the effort you put into it. If you can only have the budget for paper plates and a paper tablecloth, then go with the paper wear! The main idea of the brunch is about being with friends! 
  • Keep in mind that DIY and mix and match are very trendy right now!
Make sure to come back for Parts III and IV - food and gifts!


Blogging The Bachelor: Week 4

Jan 30, 2014
So I was a total bum and went to bed early on Monday night. I love my DVR. Here are my amazingly intellegent thoughts on the last episode of El Bachelor. Better late than never!

We are now a month into Juan Pablo's journey and it's time to link up again! Aubrey, Kimberly, and I would love for you to join us. Don't worry - you can still participate even if you name doesn't end with a Y.  ;) We have so much fun reading other Bachelor fans posts! Just remember, no spoilers (they suck and ruin the fun).

I hope Nikki, Renee, or Andi gets a one on one date tonight. He clearly likes Andi and Nikki and I would love to see him grow those relationships. I think he needs to make up his mind about Renee and what better way to do that then on a one on one date?! However, I think one of the one on ones will go to Sharleen this week. Why is he so into her?!

Elise and Kelly have got to go. They are total drama mamas. However, I think Danielle and Lauren will be left without roses at the end of the night. They have had little to no screen time and I can't see them getting much more.

Grupo Fecha Numero Uno
The group date card has arrived and I can already tell this is going to be a rough week for Nikki. Nikki gets nasty when she's insecure.

I think I am too old to understand what K Pop is.

Kat needs to take a take a chill pill and eat a piece of humble pie. She should get her fake boobs under wraps while she's at it. I'm tired of being forced to look at them.

Wow. They 80s called they want their clothes back. Cassandra is so tall and thin and those spandex striped pants are making her butt look huge, and Juan Pablo's outfit is kind of channeling Michael Jackson.

Cassandra is still shy, but her personality came out more this week. I like how she has a zero BS tolerance. I's starting to like her more because of the maturity she is showing.

I don't think these girls have ever heard of blotting sheets. Everyone is so shiny!

Uno a Juan Pablo con una a Sharleen
Can't say I'm suprised that Sharleen got the one on one. I'm still trying to figure out where JP is coming from with this one. Anyway on to the date...

I didn't hate this date like I thought I would. I felt it was really authentic. It was nice to see two people on this show talk and not watch them shove their tongues down each others throats (not that this didn't happen later in the date).

I really like Sharleen's honesty about having children and having dated a man with a child. I like that she is being thoughtful and realistic about the process.

Grupo Fecha Numero Dos
Renee looked great in her turquoise jeans and white top! Her loose waves and jewlery make the outfit sophisticated casual.

The karaoke room reminded me of a peep show booth. Just sayin'.

I freakin' hate fish.

Juan Pablo decides to cut back on the kissing. Did he forget that he's The Bachelor? Take advantage of that, man!

I loved JP and Andi's time together. So sweet!

Compared to his time with Lauren... so freakin' awkward. No kiss? Why don't you go cry about it. Oh, you did... and in front of JP. No rose for you.

I love Kelly's assessments of Clare. Right on and so funny.

Rose Ceremonia
Nikki interrupted Clare's time! Shit's about to get real. I don't think this was the last of the Clare vs. Nikki drama.

Although she may have been the wicked witch this week, Nikki looked great in her pale lilac strapless dress. I did not care for Cassandra's neon dress thing and bright pink lipstick. This was a rough week for her as far as fashion goes.

Elise and Lauren got sent home. Boo hoo. Not. I was right on here. Yay me! I predicted Lauren to go and wanted Elise to leave because of her drama.
Elise - you should have worried about yourself and not the other girls! Have you never watched this show? The tattle tale always goes home! ALWAYS!
Mis Pensamientos

Umm... did Clare actually know where they were going? "Korea?! I don't even have a kimono!" If you don't get what's wrong with the sentence I don't think I can be your friend anymore.

Last week I picked my final four - Nikki, Cassandra, Andi, and Sharleen. I'm predicting the top six are Clare, Renee, Andi, Sharleen, Cassandra, and Nikki

Found this on They also have something very fun called a Smack Tracker.
I'll be honest I didn't think this one would last...
They seemed a little too into the Hollywood scene after their season ended. I was also not sure if Catherine shared the same faith as Sean, or if she did, if she was as serious about Christianity as Sean. Something like that could be a huge deal breaker. She also looked like she was about to leave him at the alter (hopefully that was just nerves)! But, I'm not one to scoff at a happy ending! She looked gorgeous, he balled, and the wedding was beautiful.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Lowe!

Hasta la proxima semana!

What the What?! Wednesday

Jan 29, 2014

I haven't done a What the What Wednesday in quite some time so let me remind you what it's all about...

On What the What Wednesdays I share things that I find weird funny, odd, and amazing – anything that makes you say What the What?!

There's going to be an ugly sweater party at the Olympics! Or at least Ralph Lauren thinks so...

Ralph Lauren designed this smashing ensemble for our athletes to wear during the Opening Ceremony in Sochi in two weeks.
This sweater is for the Closing Ceremony. Who in that design house thought a reindeer sweater was a good idea for the Olympics?! I don't think reindeer sweaters are a good idea period.

Justin Bieber got arrested! Shocking ... not!

It was only a matter of time. Can I get an amen on that? This is the happiest I've seen someone in a mug shot. According to the police report The Biebs was under the influence of booze, marijuana, and Rx pills. Chances are he thought he was on a press line. Smile big, Justin!

Hope you enjoyed this Wednesday's installment of What the What?! Come on back now, ya'll!!

Galentine's Day Brunch - Invites and Favors

Jan 26, 2014

Mark February 13 on your calendar as a day to celebrate your lady friends with a Galentine's Day Brunch.

Today we are starting at the beginning and end with invitations and favors.

A Galentine's Day celebration is meant to be intimate with your closest friends. Keeping it small will allow you to take the time to make everything very special - starting with homemade invitations and ending with well thought out favors.

This invitation is very simple to make with a just a few supplies from your craft store. The main focus of this invitation is the white doiley which are super easy to find this time of year! Feel free to use brown card stock or make it more vibrant by using card stock in a hue of red, pink, or puple. However, I think the simplicity of the brown is very pretty and feminine. Type your message on a complimentary color card stock, glue everything together, and tie it off with your material (yarn, twine, string, etc.)

All you need to do for this invitation is to round up some supplies from your local craft store and a favorite picture of you and the invitee. Pick a favorite picture that includes both you and your friend to really personalize this invitation. Create a book like fold with your main piece of card stock and use your favorite colors for layering inside.

I think favors are must for any gathering you are hosting. It's just good ettiqute. I see favors as a way of saying, "thank you for making time to come." We all know time is a hot camody. Everyone has very little of it! Think about giving a favor that is useful.


Every girl loves a mani/pedi. Pick out nail polishes in reds and pinks to keep with the Galentine's Day theme. Sinful Colors is a great brand because it only costs $1.99 per bottle. Tie a white ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Add a personalized thank you tag if you are feeling extra crafty!

"Sundaes" are a cute, useful favor. You'll need bath salts, disposable razors, bath puffs, wine glasses, and miniture candy bars for garnish. You can do whatever color combination you want with these, but again I like the pink and white because it's simple. Again, I'm all about the useful. Not only can you guests use the contents, but they will have  a nice wine glass to use as well! I would wrap this in cellophane for a finished look and to secure the contents.

Bookmarks are great favors for your studious and bookworm friends. Being a book worm myself I would love to get this homemade favor. For this you need ribbon, a heart hole punch which can be found in the scrapbooking section of any craft store, and paint cards from Home Depot or Lowes. Pick out your "paint chips" in Galentine's Day colors. The gradient looks so cool! For a more sturdy bookmark, see if your office has a laminator and laminate each paint card before punching holes in them. Punch a hole for the ribbon, tie it on, and your done!
Stay tuned as the series continues with gifts, decor, and food!

Galentine's Day: Celebrating Your Gal Pals

Jan 23, 2014
I've never been huge into Valentine's Day. Prior to my husband, I had one Valentine's date ever. When I was little my dad would get me a card and a new CD or candy or something small like that. Nick and I got married two weeks after Valentine's Day (March 1) and because of that and the fact that we're not really romantic people we usually just skip it.

However, there is a great thing called Galentine's Day that I can totally get behind.

When dealing with our husbands, family, and work our girlfriends can often be put on the back burner. Use February 13 as a special day just for them! Leave your men at home! Galentine's Day is a great way to celebrate with married, single, dating, engaged and divorced gal pals. It's all about love between friends!

The key to making a Galentine's get together amazing is to personalize it for you friends and make each one feel special. Your time and effort will most definitely be appreciated by your girls. Throw a tea party (perferably Downton Abbey themed), Girls Night In, Girls Night Out, host a brunch, or do a spa day.

This year I'll be focusing on sharing how to throw the perfect Galentine's Day Brunch complete with favors, decor, invitations, gifts, and food! So look for my upcoming Galentine's Day Brunch installments that will get your ready just in time for the big day!


Dress Like Kate: Installment #3

Jan 22, 2014

One thing I love about Kate is her style. It is classic, timely, and modest. She has great pieces that can be mixed and matched and worn more than once. Unfortunately, most of us don't have Kate's budget, so I went on a mission to find affordable, inspired-by-Kate pieces. Make sure to check out Installments #1 and #2!
(Click the image to make it larger.)
Kate's nude Riess dress was a huge hit. She wore it at Buckingham Palace when meeting the President and First Lady of the United States. This was one of Will and Kate's first appearances after their honeymoon in 2011. Nude is a very hard color to pull off so I picked the Tea Time After Time dress that is in a beautiful deep purple. It still offers the same body hugging, wrap, small sleeves, and rouching features as the Riess dress. Just add some black pumps like Kate did!

Kate loves geometric patterns and wearing satin to dress things up. The Out and Turnabout Dress adds in both these elements. It features a geometric pattern, skirt flare, and sleeve length like the Hobbs dress and the belt feature of the Hobbs and Christopher Kane Coat Dress. The Out and Turnabout dress is a beautiful blue silk just like Kate's coat dress!
Kate has worn her navy blue Smythe blazer countless times and have paired it with countless tops and bottoms. This is one of her most versatile pieces. I love how she paired it with a ruffled top underneath. It takes a traditionally masculine item and pairs it with a very feminine item. Check out the 9XIS Boyfriend Blazer and Allegra K Rouched Front Blouse. Wear them with your favorite pair of jeans and you'll have a perfect Kopy Kate outfit!

Look for Dress Like Kate: Installment #4 coming soon!

Blogging the Bachelor: Week 3

Jan 21, 2014
It's time again to link up with fellow Bachelor enthusiasts! Aubrey, Kimberly, and I would love for you to join us even if you are already a part of a different Bachelor link up. This helps us meet more people! Just remember, no spoilers (they suck and ruin the fun).

He knows who his haters are. You better watch out.
I've been reading and hearing that there are a lot of JP haters out there. He's boring; he has no personality; his accent makes him hard to understand, etc. I see him as the most mature bachelor we've had. He weighs his decisions thoughtfully and carefully.  He's a real grown up unlike some other bachelors we've seen (Bob Guiney, Ben Flajnik). You also have to remember that he's not American. He is from Venezuela which is an entirely different country with an entirely different culture. He isn't all of a sudden going to have the instant gratification/reckless/high strung temperament of an American. Okay, enough of my I Heart Juan Pablo campaign...

My hopes for tonight are (1) Nikki, Cassandra, or Renee gets a one on one date (2) Free Spirit Lucy and Dog Lover Kelly get sent packing, and (3) Juan Pablo kisses Renee (she practically begged him for it last week!). Other then that, bring on the meltdowns and mayhem!

Cassandra's Day of Fun in the Sun
I wanted her to get a one on one so we could avoid another meltdown this week.

Cassandra is only 21... what?!?

Did anyone count how many times she told us her last first date (a) either 3 years ago or (b) when she was 18?

I don't think I care for her. Is she standoffish or is she just really shy and comes off that way?

Wait, when was her last first date. Oh, sorry, I thought I forgot for a second!

Soccer Group Date

Sharleen and Alli  were soccer stars!

Juan so wants Nikki. Next week is her week for a one on one date.

He also really likes Andi...
Lucy kept her clothes on!

YESSS!! Nikki got the group date rose.

Andi needs to stop with the insecurity. It's going to bite her in the ass.

Chelsie's Bungee Adventure
Trying a bit much with that car dancing? Awkward.

She annoyed me last week and still annoying me this week.

Chelsie CANNOT be the only person in Bachelor history to not take the plunge. However, I would react the same way she did.

I was surprised the Chelsie got the rose, I wouldn't  have predicted it before the date, but glad she did so we all got to see Billy Currington! He was probably the most exciting thing about that date.

Pool Party
Pool parties at the mansion are never a good idea. The claws and the slores come out every time. It's just a fact.

Every girl wants a man who can cook. Bravo, JP. I would just die if Nick made me breakfast.

Has Clare ever seen this show? Of course, it's Renee to the rescue!

Random Nonsense
Elise went into total bitch mode over Chelsie getting that one on one date over her. Could she be turning into this this season's Tierra? Does she know she's only 3 years older than Chelsie? I hope she starts bitching to Cassandra about it.

Rose Ceremony
All the girls cleaned up very nicely after the pool party. I really loved Andi's simple white dress with green statement necklace.
Dog Lover Kelly stayed, but Free Spirit Lucy went home. Christie was the other woman to go home. I still have no idea who Christy is.

The Final Four (my predictions)

See you next week! In the meantime don't forget what life is all about - straddling people... and things!

2014 Golden Globe Fashion

Jan 15, 2014

2014 Golden Globe Fashion


//5// Jacqueline Bisset
Poof over the age of 30 is just a no-no.

//4// Jessica Lange
I don't care for a scoop neck on a formal dress, and the color, fabric, and rouching are just terrible.
//3// Heidi Klum
The top portion doesn't fit her and the huge flower pattern on the dress is ugly. The hairstyle and necklace only ruin it more.
//2// Joanna Newsom

Andy Samberg's wife looks like she was in a ribbon factory during an explosion. Craft store couture?

//1// Berenice Bejo in Giambattista Vallie Couture

I had to google this chick to find out who Berenice Bejo is. I still have no idea. The combination of that neckline, fabric, and train is all wrong. So is the fit, and I think something is growing off of her. She may want to see a doctor about that. The too-tight bun and street walker gold earrings only add insult to injury. Train wreck!
 //5// Reese Witherspoon
The color, cut, and fit of this dress are perfect!
//4// Madison Walls

I have no idea what Madison has been in either, but she certainly knows how to dress! I am in love with this dress and the way she wears it. Bravo!
//3// Olivia Wilde
Olivia was by far the best dressed prego at the Globes. She picked a great silhouette and a great color.
//2// Tatiana Maslany
I love this 1920s inspired tank dress. It's so simple, yet so elegant and really makes a statement. Tatiana (Orphan Black) looks gorgeous.
//1// Margot Robbie  in Gucci
  Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) is a new comer to the awards circuit and hit it out of the park on her first time out. Her dress is sleek, sexy, and she was wearing emerald green shoes for an amazing pop of color!
Leslie Mann and Amy Poehler

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
Sandra Bullock
  I hated her dress, but loved her makeup.

Sandra Bullock
Bono's shades, duh... and they're purple. Amazing!
What would you like to see more less of this awards season? Your feedback always helps!





















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