Blogging the Bachelor: Week 1

Jan 7, 2014
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What a great start to the new season of The Bachelor! None of the entrances were overly exciting, but my favorite's was Kelly with her dog, Molly. I am a sucker for a cute dog.

There were so different fashions on display last night! There were interesting choices such as Amy the massage therapist's metallic catastrophe, (not to mention her boobs were totally smashed in that), Lucy's flower headband, and Danielle's shredded rag dress, but I the outfit I liked the least was Kylie's. Her pink prom dress and bright pink lipstick totally clashed with her red hair. She would have been so gorgeous in a simple black, white, or emerald green.

There were some fashion highlights to the night. I really liked Nikki's dress because it was something fresh and edgy in a sea of flowing gowns and sequins. However, the best dressed of the night goes to Christine (although she didn't get a rose)! I loved her emerald green, strapless dress. It was form fitting without being too sexy, and it was simple and classic.

My top three favorites prior to the first episode based on their photos and profiles alone were Andi, Victoria, and Lauren S. They are all still in the running!

I was sure Juan Pablo was going to give the first impression rose to either Renee, since they have the single parent thing in common, or Andi because he seemed very taken with her when she got out of the limo. Is Sharleen going to stick it out? In a way, I'm glad she took the rose because its hard to know for sure on the first night. I like that she's giving him a chance!

How about Kylie having the most embarrassing moment of her life?! Yikes! You could tell by Juan Pablo's face when she came forward that he felt bad and didn't have a rose for her.

I'm so excited for next week to get into the nitty gritty! The dates start! My top three picks for a one-on-one date are Clare, Renee, and Kat.
Kat and Juan Pablo

Until next week...


  1. i like that you used pictures. i was going to, but i had a major raging headache and just wanted to get to bed fast. poor poor kylie. she will always be known for that. can't wait to see who gets the first one on one which is usually a death sentence.

  2. Yes I hated Kylie's dress too!! I think it looked like a girl trying too hard to be Barbie. That coming from a girl who dresses up as Barbie every Halloween. . . ;) I'm going to pick my top four next week!!


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