Feelin' Every Year

Apr 28, 2014
I'm turning 30 in July. Despite the extra junk in the trunk, I haven't felt like I've been getting older.... until Friday. I took the afternoon off work so I could go the dentist and eye doctor. 

I found that I have to have two more cavities filled. WTF Seriously, how did I get two new cavities in a matter of 6 months? Second, my jaw is tender and certain teeth are sensitive because I grind, per the dentist. I've been told for years I should have a mouth guard/splint. This may be the year that I have to invest in one that's custom made.

After all of the happy news from the dentist I headed to the eye doctor for my first appointment in 6 years. Guess who has to get glasses? This girl does! Currently, I only have reading glasses. Now, I need a pair for driving especially at night and when it's raining or overcast to help improve my distance vision. The doc also detected some gray spots on my retinas. So, not only do I have to go back to the dentist, but I have to go to the eye doctor as well so he can dilate my eyes and measure the spots to determine whether I need to see a specialist. I'll have to go once a year to have these spots monitored.

I've never been one who worried about getting older. I've always been excited about it... getting married, having my own pet, buying a house, etc. Great things have happened to me with each passing year. It just hit me that I'm not 15 or even 20 anymore, I am 30 and these types of changes are going to happen more often from here on out. I'm far from the geriatric ward, but after those appointments I'm feelin' every year of 30!

Any other '84 babies out there turning 30 this year?


  1. Ill be 29 in August and feel the same way! One piece of advice never schedule two doc appts on the same day haha I learned my lesson the hard way! One piece of news at a time!

  2. Hehe, welcome to your 30's! On the plus side, in my 30's I feel stronger than I ever was in my 20's. :)
    -Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  3. Don't stress about turning 30. It's no big deal. ;) I recently turned 36. Life keeps going. =D

    Definitely get a mouth guard. I've had one for many years because I was grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw. Resulted in terrible, daily headaches. The guard really helped.

    1. I thought it was no big deal until Friday! I just felt like "wow, I'm getting old." And I've never felt or thought hat before.

      I need one... I clench constantly and don't realize I'm doing it.

    2. I know! We all have those moments. When I noticed ALL of my gray hairs, I thought the same. Then, no big deal. ;)

      I was the same with the clenching. The guard really does help.

  4. at least you can get some fun glasses from Warby Parker! Annndd I feel your pain...my knees hurt after the last wedding I went to because of...dancing?

  5. I had a rough time turning 30. I wasn't where I wanted to be and there was some other stuff going on. I'm turning 32 in a couple weeks and it really doesn't feel like a big deal anymore. :-)

  6. Aw! I hate going to the dentist. I dont usually have anything wrong but I can totally understand how uncomfortable it can be. But hey! if thats the worst of it.. you're in luck! Because you look AMAZING for 30! <3

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  7. Aww, I feel ya. Besides the first time winter skin I told ya about I've been dealing with teeth grinding/clenching issues too. No fun!



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