Blogging the Bachelorette 10.2

May 28, 2014

I'm so excited for Week 2 and the start of the dates! First, predictions:
  • I like Chris the Farmer, Eric, JJ the Pantsapreneur, or Marcus for the two individual dates tonight.
  • Not sure how many go home tonight, but I think Brett and Bradley will end up rose-less at the end of the night.

Bring on the fun!

Sand and Snow with Eric

  • I love that Eric, a man, said this could be his fairytale.
  • Sand and snow in one date?! What is going on?! Awesome.
  • He didn't hesitate to take off his jacket and give it to Andi. Perfect.
  • This date is starting to remind me of my 6th anniversary date to the ski slopes #epicfail

  • Andi looks super skinny in those snow pants.
  • I agree with Andi. Eric is hot!
  • I just wanted to cry during this entire date. Eric seems like such a fun person so full of life. Gosh, just so sad.

Stripperific Group Date
  • Ok. Stop. First things first – How did Brian get that shiner?
  • I'm just imaging doing karaoke in a thong.” Oh, Dylan. I love you.
  • I'm so over getting naked for charity on this show. I'm a total prude and can't stand watching this. Although, the tryouts and practice was pretty funny.
  • I'm pretty sure this was not Cody's first rodeo.
  • Quote of the night: “I wouldn't just go out and do this on my own... unless I made a lot of money.” - Craig

  • Brian is so sweet. Love myself a Pennsylvania boy. I'm thinking he will get the group date rose.
  • Craig takes me back to college. I was almost always the sober one and I loved egging on drunk guys that were just like them! Although, just like Andi, I did not date those guys.
  • Nick the Golfer is not helping the situation.
  • Craig goes home with producers and Marcus gets the first impression rose.
  • Andi needs to chillax. Don't let one drunk dude rain on your parade. Send him packing. You'll still have 18 left!

A Day at the Races with Chris

  • I am obsessed with Andi's look!
  • I love how soft spoken Chris is. He seems so sweet and so genuine.

  • Chris is also very open and honest which is great for this “process.”
  • First kiss of the season!!!

Rose Ceremony

  • I love how Nick set up a little date for Andi.
  • Second kiss of the season goes to Josh! Andi's all over that like white on rice. Whatever that means.
  • Oh, Craig. Not a chance.  

  • I can't stand Dylan's hair. It reminds me how the boys used to wear when I was in the 7th grade in 1996.
  • Carl, Nick the Golfer, and Craig go home. My predictions were WAY off.

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  1. I love Josh (I think thats his name) the former pro player. I also think stripping and all the stunts they make them do are dumb but I love the show. Cant help it.

  2. I'm totally with you. The naked biz needs to stop now! What do you think about josh? I want to like him, but I'm afraid he might be the bad boy.

  3. I am with you on the stripping thing! Pretty sure there are probably other ways to raise money for charity haha. Eric is the sweetest guy, and it makes this season so heartbreaking to watch! So so sad :(

  4. BEYOND OBSESSED with Andi's race day date look!!!! Agreed on he stripper thing, too. why degrade people for charity?!

  5. It hurts my heart about Eric - he was SO full of life and SO intriguing!
    So glad Craig went home, his drunken antics weren't cute.
    And YES to Andi's race day date look! I absolutely adored her dress!


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