Blogging the Bachelortte 10.1

May 21, 2014

Let's download The Bachelorette season opener:
  • Yay! It's back already! I feel like even though Andi made it to the Final 4 in her Bachelor season we didn't get to know a whole lot about her because of the Clare, Nikki, Sharleen drama that was always happening. It should be fun to get to know her this season!
  • Andi looks amazing in whatever she wears.
  • I love that Andi's sister was there on the first night. I'm super close with my sister and would insist on having her there for moral support!
  • I liked Tasos' entrance with the lock and key. I'm just not sure if I like him. Is it TAY-sos or TA-sos? TAH-sos? I'm so confused.

  • I like how Carl stuck out his hand for a shake. What a gentleman!
  • Jason the Doctor... too much... too much hair, too much teeth, too corny. You can tell Andi was not feelin' it.
  • Anal except with an M. Whaaaat?!
  • Craig (the party starter) is.... different.

  • Bradley is from Holland, MI! Holland happens to be the town next to mine and the one I work in. Mitten State representing! Too bad he's an awkward opera singer who I'm willing to bet doesn't go far.

  • Mike aka “Camps” - just NO.
  • Don't see her meshing with Rudie the Attorney. He's gone.

  • I think Eric's entrance with the dolls from the Andies was perfect!
  • What is with Chris Bukowski randomly showing up? He's already been on The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad. Two words. Fame and whore.
  • If it doesn't work out with Andi, at least Patrick and Andrew will have each other. #bromance

  • Nick gets the first impression rose. He's so humble! I hope he stays that way!
  • I was right about Rudie. He's a goner. Rudie, you will not be getting married and having kids with Andi.
  • Apparently she's not into guys with long hair.
  • Josh B. needs to stop talking because he's embarrassing himself even more. #hissyfit

YA'LL ready for next week?! 
See you there!

xo, Ashley


  1. You did NOT talk about the pantsapreneur haha Also she did look great and whatever you do, dont look at reality Steve's website booo

  2. What was with Chris showing up?! That guy just rubs me the wrong way. I'm kind of sad she didn't give Steven a chance, I liked his surfer boy looks ha ha. I'm going to have to give Marquel a vote because those cookies looked good. I'm excited to see how this season turns out!

  3. Andi has incredible sense of style! I might do a weekly rundown of her outfits or do a "As seen on the Bachelorette" style series. This seems like a very...interesting group of guys. I can't wait to see how this season plays out!

    1. Hey Ashliegh-I'm hosting a weekly linkup of bachelorette posts. If you decide to do your post, I would love to have you. I'm also looking for guest hosts so let me know if you're interested. Feel free to email me

  4. i thought the same thing about the guys with long hair although most of them weren't very cute. they definitely don't seem like her type but neither does cody the meathead.

  5. I can't believe I forgot this was on! I just set my DVR!!!


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