Remembering the Fallen

May 26, 2014
Today marks a very special day on the American calendar. It's Memorial Day! Memorial Day is so much more than a day off of work, sales, and picnic. It's all about remembering and honoring the men and women who died while serving.

5 Ways to Honor Memorial Day

  1. Pause and reflect at 3:00pm.
    In December 2000, President Bill Clinton signed into the law the National Moment of Remembrance Act which specifies every American should pause for one minute at 3:00pm local time on Memorial Day each year where ever he or she is and reflect on the scarifies made by the men and women who died defending the freedoms that we enjoy today. Whether your sitting with the family at the picnic table, elbow-deep in soil while planting your garden, or relaxing in the sun, you can still honor every deceased military veteran by participating in this act of national unity.

  2. Be a part of your community. Before firing up the barbeque, attend a parade or commemorative service. Most cities hold concerts. If yours doesn't, you will be able to catch the televised National Memorial Day Concert from Capital Hill on Sunday evening.
  3. Volunteer
    Consider helping the USO in its mission to help active duty military personnel and their families. VA Hospitals also always need volunteers. You can learn more about volunteering at your local VA Hospital by clicking here, and learn more about the USO by clicking here.
  4. Purchase a poppy from a VFW member.
    Many members of the VFW who sell poppy for a donations can be found in shopping centers. Buy one for your lapel or hair to support Memorial Day and the memory of our fallen heroes.

  5. Keep you family's personal military history alive.
    Over the picnic table, share stories of family members who served out country. Wearing the uniform calls for sacrifice but also is an amazing adventure and one that deserves to be documented. If you have someone who is willing to reminisce, turn on a recorder or jot down notes. Don't let you family's story disappear!

What will you be doing to honor the fallen on Memorial Day?


  1. Such wonderful ideas. I had no idea about the poppies! I hope you had blessed and reflective Memorial Day.

  2. I didn't know about the poppies, I love that. I read this too late, but next year I will definitely be wearing one. Great post:)



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