5 Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Vacation + Giveaway

Jun 10, 2014

I have been hesitant to put up any summer-related posts because the weather is so unpredictable here! I finally feel that it is safe to say that the Michigan weather has finally turned and the sun here is here to stay!


I started off the summer celebration yesterday with the Summertime Giveaway. Make sure you enter! The summer celebration continues with Stress-Free Summer Travel Tips. Enjoy!
1. Do your research ahead of time.
Make the most of your vacation by doing your homework. Talk to people that have been where you are going, buy a travel book, visit popular tavel blogs, and utilize Google!
Indecision can be the root of all anxiety on a summer exercusion. Get clear on what you want,and what you're willing to spend your time and money doing. 

2. Save Money!
If your travels include driving, save money by packing a cooler with food and drinks.
Avoid ATM fees by taking out cash with a debit card purchase at a grocery store or gas station.
Stay in the town next door. Sometimes the smaller towns close to whereyou are going have hotels that are much less expesnive. If you don't mind a 15 minutes ride, you might just save a bundle!
Find discounts! Many attractions like theme parks and museums have discounts for seniors, students, children, or offer group rates. Remember to take your ID or membership cards with you when traveling!

3. Get an early (or late) start!
Traveling during the late night and early morning hours helps avoid traffic and gridlock.
Make sure all drivers are throughly rested.
4. Pack Smart (and light)!
Make a list. Write down the essentials of what you'll need on your trip or use this handy checklist from Real Simple.
Follow your list without exceptions. This will help keep you from digging in your closet and going overboard.
Override that voice in your head trying to convince you that you need six tops for a three day trip. You don't, and the practical you knows that.
Having a hard time overriding that voice? Pack a little extra and trade off. The trade- off for more clothes? Include one neutral-toned pair of shoes that go with each outfit.
Adpot the Kate Middleton recycled-outfit policy. There will be a very good chance that you can wear certain wardrobe pieces more than once in a single trip. Mix and match!

5. Be present and practice patience.
Everyone wants their vacation to be perfect, and we end up spending too much time worrying about if everyone is happy and having a good time. Being fully present in each moment will ensure a happy and joyful vacation!
Don't sweat the little bumps along the way. Sometime these detours can end up bringing us to a new exprience! Detach yourself from your ideal outcome and just go with the flow!
With travel, there are always uncontrollable issues: weather, flight delays, roadwork, etc. Be conscious of letting go of the small stuff and try to be flexible. Remember you're leaving the grind behind, so try to embrace an attitude of ease! 

Where are you headed this summer?
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  1. I am SO that person who packs six tops for three days! I've been trying to be better since I have two kids to pack for also. Instead of doing that for myself now though, I pack way too many outfits for my kids! Everyone should get to see their cute clothes :)

    One thing I did that I love is make a general packing list and save it to my google docs, that way no matter where I am going I can print it off and write in how many of each I need, or cross off items that don't apply to my trip.

  2. Thanks for all your tips! It's so true that indecision and worrying about everyone else add so much stress to vacations. I love relaxed vacations where you just go with the flow and enjoy yourself without worrying about anything.

    I found your post through the #MondayFunday! link up.


  3. I still have to learn how to pack right....and weather appropriately. I'm currently stuck in 30 degree Norway with only one dress but 4 warm pullover! So not neccessary!! :D thanks for sharing your tips with us!

  4. Great tips! I especially need to practice the attitude of ease ;) I'm glad the weather is getting nicer in Michigan...it's still a little unpredictable here in CO unfortunately, but what's new?

  5. Great tips. I really struggle with the packing light, but I am getting better at it now. I find only taking carry on luggage really helps with this haha. Its the only way I pack light!

    1. I have the same problem so I started doing the same thing!


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