Blogging the Bach 10.3 &10.4

Jun 4, 2014

Hey, ya'll! I'm co hosting Blogging the Bachelorette with Aubrey at Dreaming About Someday for Episodes 3 and 4. Link up below or over at her page to join the party!

We had a double dose of Bachelorette goodness this week with episodes on Sunday and Monday. I think I can sum up my thoughts pretty quickly.
Episode 3
  • Predictions: Andrew, JJ, or Nick for individual dates; Bradley, Brett, and Dylan will go home.
  • I didn't watch Nick's date. I missed it and never went back and watched it. Let's be honest, the guy is a total snooze. I don't think I missed much. 

  • Josh does a really good impression of Bradley.
  • I don't love that Cody is a meat head, but I do love his attitude and spirit on these group dates!
  • Bachelors who should not pursue careers as singers: all, including Bradley.
  • Not suprised Josh got the group date rose.
  • So glad everyone kept their clothes on.
  • This is the weirdest date ever. Who's idea was this?

  • I'm really not finding the humor in this.
  • Of all the guys, JJ is most my type. I don't like his pants tho.
  • Uh, oh. Are you a bad boy, Andrew? Did Andi have any clue this was going on? She was probably too busy sucking face with Marcus.
  • Brett and Bradley go home. My predictions were much better this week!

 Episode 3
  • Predictions: Marcus, Cody, or Josh for individual dates; Dylan, Tasos, or Patrick are going home.
  • SHOCKED that Dylan got a 1 on 1.
  • Dylan's body lanuage is so closed off. Although he opened up to Andi, I don't think he's ready for this or her.
  • Duh he got the rose! You can't send a guy home after he tells you a story like that! 

  • Who said Andi looked "poppin'"? I don't even know what that means. Can I get a litle help here?
  • This is Brian's chance to shine! I love how honest and nervous he is!
  • Umm pretty sure Josh is more upset about loosing than game than loosing time with Andi, even though he is saying the opposite.
  • Marcus' one on one: blah, blah, blah; he's the prefect man; blah kissy blah.
  • Who do we think sent the love letter? Odds are on Nick. He always does something special for her.
  • So, I have stayed away from spoilers so far so what went down between Andi and Eric at the rose ceremony came out of left field.
  • I think I understand what he was trying to say, but he wasn't articulating it well to Andi. Probably shouldn't have used the terms "poker face" and "tv actress."

  • I felt Andi showed great sadness and regret that their last exchange had been so heated. A lot of losers people on the internet are giving her a hard time about it... but she didn't know he was going to die! I think she realizes she overreacted. We'll leave it at that.
  • Tasos gets spared the humilation of getting dumped on national TV.

So, I'm not ready to committ to a Final Four, but here are my picks for the Top Six:


  1. Haha! I love that Marcus's one on one got one bullet point from you. It was such a boring date!

  2. a lot of the dates are kind of boring me this season which i think is weird. i don't think andi is boring. did you see the bachelor in paradise cast was announced today? i'm watching that for sure and definitely blogging. i feel like there will be some good blog material.

  3. Those would be my top as well with Marcus and Josh on top. Even though Josh didnt get the one on one I find their chemistry so natural. That Eric thing came out of nowhere and honestly I dont blame her ...

    I love the show ... however, Im going to need Andi to stop saying "awesome" and "sooooo good" so much. She gave Juan Pablo so much hell for saying 'Ees ok". Also I do see what Eric is saying. On her date with Dylan it looked like she didnt want to be there.

    Sorry for the long comment.

  4. I'm not sure who my top are right now, but I really like Marquell because of his great sense of humor! I definitely think that Andi took Eric's words a little too close to heart, I got what he was saying. So sad that he passed away :(

  5. So naturally I am just all caught up on the Bachelorette and am just now reading the recap! I couldn't believe what happened with Eric...I predicted him to be final 4! I got what he was saying. I think Andi was so exhausted that she just couldn't rationally react. So sad. And I am surprised we never learned who the love letter was from!


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