Blogging the Bachelorette 10.5

Jun 18, 2014
So glad it's back this week! Let's be honest. I was experiencing withdraw symptoms.

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Josh finally gets his 1 on 1!

Let's just wrap this season. Isn't it obvious?
I hope Andi realizes how awesome Marquel is before it's too late. He's funny, smart, and sensitive... not to mention VERY handsome. The total package!

I'm going to go ahead and put it out there. Nick is a dick.

How is it possible that I like Cody more and more each week?

This has been an emotional week for Marquel. I just wanna give him a hug! 

JJ getting the group date rose was not a surprise. He was the only one who wasn't involved in any drama. Although, he did start some of it...

Brian is a total sweetie! Andi needs to cut him some slack.

Cooking really sucks. I don't blame him. Cooking is just NOT romantic.

Since when does the Bachelor/Bachelorette choose how many people get kicked off?

Bros before hoes. Patrick and Andrew get cut together. How ironic. #bromance

Andi is missing out on Marquel!

How the hell is Dylan still here?

OMG, Marquel! I love you!! Don't cry! You are something special!

Quotes of the Week:

I heard blackies, maybe he said black guys, but like, it's one of those terms … and... and I... wasn't that drunk.” - JJ

I've hear from multiple people, not just girls, that I have qualities that are really paramount when it comes to being a husband.” - Patrick

Fun fact: Booted constant Bradley (the opera singer) has totally become a celebrity around here! He recently co hosted a local morning show, has performed on morning shows, and performed at the Waterfront Film Festival. Yup, he's that big.

See ya'll next week! Looks like someone goes home on a 1 on 1!

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  1. I'm with you about Nick. I'm over him. I wonder if he's the liar next week. I really want to like Josh. Is he being sincere or kind of full of crap? I can't decide. Either way she obviously super into him. I wouldn't be surprised if Marquel is the next bachelor. What the heck about Bradley? That's funny.

  2. Wow seeing that picture of Andi with all the guys and how many are gone is crazy! Seems like this season is flying by! But I agree. . . . lets just end it and give Josh the final rose, we all know that's what happens.

  3. I have not watched any episodes this season, pure crazy on my part!

  4. I felt it for Marquel poor guy and yes wrap the show up Josh for the win. I love him (way more than I do Andi who is annoying me now)

  5. I <3 Marcus. And also another guy whose name I cannot remember, lol!!!! I am NOT with you on Cody, how do you like him? Hahaha. Nick was SUCH a dick this week, you are so right. I felt bad for Marquel too.

  6. So funny about Brad in your town!! I want to see this!

  7. I love Marquel! I'd love for him to be the Bachelor, but I am afraid he went home too early for that. I agree on the Dylan thing...I think he is just so dry but actually does have feelings. He doesn't know how to express them though! The Patrick comment too...I was like seriously? Another good week in the books haha

  8. I am so irritated that she sent Marquel home, ugh.


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