Blogging the Bachelorette 10.6

Jun 25, 2014

I have the honor of co-hosting #BloggingtheBach with Aubrey at Dreaming About Someday. Stop over there to read even more Bachelorette dish.

My predictions this week: Nick gets a 1 on 1 date (because the previews showed us that) and I think Cody gets the other. It has to be him because he's the only one who has not had one yet. Also, based on the previews I think that Andi sends Cody home during the 1 on 1. I peg Dylan as other guy to go.

The boys arrive in Venice and and two of them are wearing pink pants. That should be an automatic disqualification.

Poor Cody, he gets passed over and Nick get the first single date.

It's really hard to stay mad at Nick. What's going on? Is he really a douche? Is it editing?

JJ is so handsome!

Why is Josh so upset about the lie detector test? What is he hiding...

Are you good in bed?” “Have you slept with over 20 women?” “Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I was dying!!

Oh, Dylan! I'd feel sick too if I admitted, on national television, to sleeping with over 20 people and NOT washing my hands after pooping. But, ok. Your stomach hurts. Whatever.

Andi looks amazing on the group date cocktail party. Love the dress and the super straight hair!

What is with Josh and his scarves? Is he going to start scarf line after this is over?

Chris has got this group date rose wrapped up.

Josh is going to drown his sorrows in the champagne. Tip it back, boy!

Way to kill the mood, JJ.

I'm so happy to find out Cody can read! I had my doubts. He can also write and is fairly articulate!

Oh, I feel so bad for both of them!

Very extravagant rose ceremony entrance! Love the black sparkle dress!

I don't understand Andi's idea of a man. Someone who's sexually aggressive?

How the hell is Dylan still here?

In Week 4 I predicted my final 6. I got 5 our of 6 correct. How did you do?

Did you see the outtakes that were shown after next week's preview? Funniest. Thing. EVER!


  1. i totally thought dylan was out of there until she sat down with chris harrison. when she said she knew it was the right thing to do to send someone home, i figured it was probably jj. i read today that cody went to bachelor in paradise. no surprise there. i need to go back and check my top 4 predictions. i can't even remember who they were.

  2. Ugh I didnt think she was going to send JJ home. I dont know I think we should just skip to hometowns with Andi because from day 1 we knew who her favourites were and at this point we're just waiting to see which of the faves is the one!

  3. I love reading your reviews of the Bachelor(ette). I can't believe Dylan is still here either, mainly because they hardly EVER give him any camera time, which makes me think he'll be gone next week. I am not a Nick fan. I'm not sure what it is about him, but I just don't have a good feeling about him. Although I think all the guys should feel like they are close to Andi, and don't think it's horrible for him to think that.

    Also, I'm a HUGE Josh fan. I understand his problem with the lie detector test. In a real life situation it'd be outrageous to get your boyfriend a lie detector test right after telling him you trusted him. However, they're on a reality show & I just don't think he worded it to her right.

    Can't wait to see next weeks show :)

  4. Loveeee this post!! The lie detector test was wayy too funny!!

    And girlfriend, I am originally from Michigan, and I have a sweet pup named Scout too - twinsies!! :)

  5. I was convinced Dylan was going home but I think he is definitely going home this week. I am just not a fan of Nick and would rather see Chris or Marcus win, but I'm starting to think Nick wins


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