Blogging the Bachelorette 10.8

Jul 9, 2014

Hometowns are my favorite episode of every season. I like that they don't involve crazy dates (like stripping or singing with Boys II Men). I think crazy families are much more entertaining!

So, we are down to four guys - Farmer Chris, Sports Nut Josh, Arrogant Nick, and Stage 5 Clinger Marcus. My thoughts this week will be short and sweet.

I don't have much to say about Nick's hometown. Personally, I find him boring. His little sister was really cute! Nick thinks he has this in the bag, so it's going to be super funny when she rejects him at the final rose ceremony.

"I feel like she's the half of me that has been missing."

Andi heads to Iowa to hang out in Chris's hometown. I really don't see anything between them. And Andi moving to Iowa? Never gunna happen. I love Chris, he's my favorite, and now that Marquel is on Bachelor in Paradise, I hope he is our next bachelor. He's super sweet and deserves to have someone to make babies and farm with. Just think about the shirtless tractor riding promos! Everyone is making such a huge stink about how Chris told Andi she could be a homemaker. If you actually watched the show you will notice that he said IF it was something she was interested in and when went on to encourage her to work in Cedar Rapids. So everyone just calm the F down.  His family seems really nice, but I swear his mom was drunk when he was talking to Andi. Just sayin'.

She thinks my tractor's sexy.

Uhhh, barf. Why is everyone so #TeamJosh? I don't care for the guy. I don't care for his family either. These people do realize there is life outside of sports, correct? I grew up in a sports loving family, but damn. I seroiusly doubt Josh is going to be able to cut the cord. Have fun with that, Andi. I wish Andi would just pick him already! They live in the same city and she's said from Day 1 that Josh is her type. #snoozefest

Oh, Marcus. I really did not need to see you strip again. Let's just keep it under wraps shall we? Andi seemed to really love Dallas. She seemed much more comfrotable there than in Iowa. Everything seems to be going well until she meets Marcus' mom who is really a dude in drag. Ok, just kidding, Andi and The Mom seem to get along fine, but she does look like a man in women's clothing.

So everyone is back in LA and Chris H. drops the bomb that Eric has passed away. Was there really a need for cameras to be there? That's the hot debate.

Once Andi is able to compose herself, she sends Marcus home during the rose ceremony. I was pretty suprised. I thought for sure that Chris was going home and pegged Marcus as one of her final two.

Next week we are off the the Dominican Republic for overnights and fantasy suites, and, where I am predicting Farmer Chris' days are numbered.

Until next time...


  1. I actually like josh, but it's probably because he's totally my type. I think Chris will for sure be the next bachelor. I can't imagine who else it would be.

  2. I couldn't believe Marcus went home! He and Chris are my favorites, and I think Nick has this in the bag. I think Chris will go home next, and I just don't see her picking Josh. I am not the biggest Nick fan and really don't see what she sees in him, but I just can't see anyone else winning at this point. I was rooting for Marcus!

  3. I actually like Josh. Nick is creepy to me. He smiles creepy and I just think hes secretly dangerous haha. I loove Chris but she aint moving to farmville lets be honest here, Im a lawyer and I wouldnt either. Im so bummed Marcus went home. He is the only one Id pick over Josh and now hes gone. Nick should have been sent packing.

  4. I was surprised that Marcus went home too! :( Not what I would have expected at all.

  5. LOL the #teamjosh thing cracks me up! I agree, she can have fun with him not cutting the cord. Yep, saw it too...she said he was her type and I'm sitting at home like, welp that was a bust season's over ;)

    Cute posts! Found your blog on the blog hop! :)


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