The Bachelorette - Men Tell All

Jul 23, 2014

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The men told all this week! Let's get right into it:

I love when franchise alums come back and give updates - especially JP and Ashley (they're the cutest!), but a live ultrasound? :groans:

I love that all the guys are wearing scarves. Brillant! Personally, I don't care for a fashion scarf on a man. It's too metro for me. I was so glad to see that our hometown hero, Bradley, was there.

The cookie on Marquel's lapel makes me love him even more.

Andrew calls Marquel Ron. This does not bode well for him. Can he tell them apart? Be honest. You were thinking it too. Marquel handles the situation with maturity and grace - again.

Marquel throwing cookies into the audience is the best thing I've ever seen on a Men Tell All special.

Marcus seems to still be heart borken yet he went on Bachelor in Paradise. Hmm...

Farmer Chris seems like a very mature, humble man. He's the next Bachelor for sure! Like I said before, imagine those shirtless tractor driving promos! Throw that girl from the crowd on to his season. Get it, girl!

Like I said in my Week 1 recap, Chris Bukowski is a total fame whore. He was on Emily's season of The Bachelorette, was on Bachelor Pad, tried to weasle his way on to Andi's season, and is now on Bachelor in Paradise. More like #desperateinparadise.

So, we're left with Nick and Josh. Who do you think is right for Andi?


  1. How did I miss Marquel throwing cookies in to the audience?! So funny. I can't wait for Chris to be the new bachelor, I think he will be amazing!!

  2. Chris is going to be such a good bachelor! I love Marquel... such a class act! I am with you on the ultrasound thing. And you could tell they were trying to frame it as the couple finding out the gender for the first time, but they totally already knew haha

  3. the whole ultrasound thing was the most bizarre thing ever. i think i have this show fairly well figured out after all these years, but i could not figure that out even a little. all the scarves were my fave. i'm not a big fan of men in scarves, but it was pretty hilarious.

  4. Chris will make and excellent bachelor.... no Juan Pablo-ing from him! I still want Josh to win because Nick still gives me the creeps.


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