Oh hey, Monday!

Aug 4, 2014
I was a total slacker last week. I was so bogged down with work and home stuff that I was a little MIA. So hopefully this week I'll be around a little bit more and you'll be reading!

Nick and I started our weekend with some fridge shopping! The life of a home owner. We've known for months now the fridge that came with the house was crapping out. The main issue was that the freezer wouldn't actually freeze stuff. Just recently we noticed the milk starting to go bad sooner that it should be. We couldn't put it off any longer.

This beauty will be delivered to us next Saturday! Can't wait for my frozen foods to actually be frozen!

After fridge shopping at several places, we hit up On the Border for a late dinner. Can't beat their chips and salsa!

Nick and I both slept until 11am on Saturday. It was bliss and much needed on my end. Work was so busy the week before I needed those extra hours of sleep! We had a lazy day playing board games and just being together. It felt really good! Saturday evening we to downtown Holland, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and saw a production The Sound Of Music. It was awesome. I live for live theater!

Sunday was a long day! We headed to Mid Michigan to Nick's childhood home and visited with his family. I got to see so many of my nieces and nephews. They did some swimming and we all ate pizza. It was a gorgeous, sunny 80 degree day. You can bet I was soaking up that sun!

I apologize for the lack of pictures. I didn't have time to get them off my camera, onto my computer, and put them on the blog before I left for work this morning.

I link up here on Mondays:

They probably have more pictures than I do!

I'm really excited about tomorrow's post. I hope you'll come back and check it out!


  1. Thats a beautiful fridge!! Sunday although long sounds like it was fun! Have a great week :)

  2. I wish I could sleep in!!! With 4 kiddos it is pretty near impossible. That does sound like bliss!!! We are visiting family this coming weekend.

  3. Ohhh I wish I had space for a fridge that nice!

  4. That's the same fridge set up that I want to have one day. :) I am jealous that you got to see The Sound of Music on the stage. I bet that was incredible!!
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed myself at the Sound of Music!

  5. That fridge looks amazing!! I know I'm growing up when I get very jealous of other people's appliances, ha!

  6. Mondays... ROUGH. But Ryan gosling makes it better :))



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