Weekend Madness

Aug 25, 2014
Happy Monday!

Last week my blogging footprint was no where to be found. What a week! I had Monday scheduled off work to get to some appointments and do some things around the house. Early Monday morning we were made aware that Nick's grandmother passed away. She has been declining in health since I've been around (about 7 1/2 years), and she finally went to be with Jesus. I scrambled to get out of possible jury selection in order to attend the service with Nick on Friday. It turned out to be an easy, but I should expect to receive another summons in the mail.

That meant I had to cram 5 days of work into 3 instead of 4. I'm on a committee for a Cruise In benefit that our company puts in every year. The benefit is in less than 2 weeks so I have that additional responsibility on top of my every day work load and projects. It was nuts and this week and next  two weeks of work will be nuts too.

Before Nick and I headed to Mid Michigan early Friday morning, we went to see Kevin James on Thursday night in downtown GR.  You know Kevin James - Zoo Keeper, King of Queen, Hitch, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, etc. He looked and sounded just like he does on screen and he is freakin' hilarious! It was a great night out for me and Nick before the craziness began.

I had to take these pics on the DL. Sorry they aren't great. :/

Nick is such an even and steady guy that we were about to really celebrate his grandmother's life on Friday. He was excited to see some extended family members that he only see every few years. I was beyond excited that Nick's younger brother and his wife flew in from Utah for a few days. My sister-in-law, Meghan, is truly one of my best friends and because she and Nick's brother move all the time for his work we hardly get to see each other. We call each other sister wives because Nick and his brother are more similar than they know.

After the funeral and graveside service we hung out around Frankenmuth and spent more time with Nick's family.

 Nick's younger brother, his mom, and Megan.

Me and Nick

Nick oldest and youngest brothers.

We all crashed at Nick's parents house of Friday night and we had a great time hanging out with his brothers and Megan. We always stay up too late and get too crazy. We hung out at the house all day Saturday and Nick taught we how to drive his quad. It's manual and I had no idea how to drive manual!

I think I did pretty well considering. I only got up to 10 mph and it felt so fast! It was a lot of fun.

We headed home on Saturday night and sat in traffic, which ended up adding and extra hour to the drive. Sunday we were all worthless. Nick, Scout, and I all napped throughout the day.

So a new, crazy, and busy week begins! "Celebrating" it here:


  1. kevin james is so funny! sounds like a great weekend :) xo jillian - stop by! im hosting a great giveaway on cornflake dreams

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! That picture of you and Nick is precious!

  3. Sounds like a good weekend spending time with family!

  4. How fun to see Kevin James! I bet he was hilarious!

  5. A weekend filled with family is the best kind! I have no idea how to drive manual either.... need to learn that!

  6. So sorry to hear about Nick's grandmother :( Losing a grandparent is never easy. I had no idea Kevin James was on tour, I would love to see him in person!!

  7. Sorry about your loss ):

    Other than that looks like a great week with family- look at you on the quad!! I want to see Kevin James- I've heard SO many good things about his live show

  8. Aw sorry about Nick's grandpa but glad you enjoyed the rest of your weekend. Kevin James is hilarious!

    Thanks for joining MMG :)

  9. i am so jealous that you got to see kevin james live!! where do you live? i hope he is coming to my town! he is so funny!


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