Fall Beauty Week: How to Backcomb

Sep 18, 2014

As the weather turns cooler loose, beachy waves move out and more structured, voluminous style moves in. Backcombing is a great way to add both structure and volume to your look for Fall and Winter.

Here's how to get get the perfect backcombed hair and avoid ratting. Can I getta #BigHairDontCare?!
Prepare Your Hair

If you have freshly washed hair with no product in it and you attempt a big full bodied hairstyle, it will be very difficult to pull off.
  • Add a finishing product that adds texture such as a volumizing mousse, texture spray, or root lift.
  • If you have glassy hair, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Have your stylist add texture the next time you get your hair cut.

    Pick Your Tools

    I use the Cricket Amped Up Tease Brush and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play texturizing powder.
    How to Comb Down/Tease
    The best way to describe combing down is it is a circular motion. Do not just move the comb up and down. That ratting. Make sure you pull the comb out after you push down before you move up the hair shaft again.
    The base of your backcombing is what will hold your volume in all day.
    1. Start at the crown and pull up a 1-2 inch section – the smaller the section the tighter the tease.
    2. Comb it to smooth and remove any tangles. 

     3.With one hand, tightly hold the ends of the section straight up from the scalp, holding the comb with the other.
    4. Insert the comb mid-shaft and run the comb down the length of the hair towards the scalp, when you reach the scalp pull the comb out and continue back at mid-shaft, making quick short strokes until you have the desired height and fullness. Do not just move the comb up and down. That ratting. Make sure you pull the comb out after you push down before you move up the hair shaft again.
    5. Now take a section under the first – you can go straight back or to the side. Combine that section with the first section – comb at the ends to smooth, and then backcomb it to the first section in the same fashion. When you go to the side, just lift up that top section, and hold it up with some of the back, than backcomb to that. This prevents holes, and lumps and the style falling out.

    6. You will work around the head always making sure that all the sections are connected. Remember go bigger than you want the end result to be, and it will look like a hot mess until the next step.
    7. Take the comb and lightly smooth out the top layer of hair, then spray with hairspray to set. You can lift that top layer and spray if needed to.

    Additional Tips and Tricks
    • Backcomb hair first, smooth, and then curl.
    • You can add little shots of hairspray at roots while backcombing for ultimate hold.
    • To take out backcombing, start combing at the ends then work your way up. Do not rip through the hair, this causes unnecessary breakage.

    Here are some of my favorite teased styles for Fall:


    Do you backcomb? Is teasing a part of your every day routine?
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    1. Teasing is one of those things I should do more often, for sure. I'm just so lazy when getting ready in the mornings.

    2. I LOVE teasing my hair. It gives it the perfect amount of volume!


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