Nick's Survival Crate

Sep 23, 2014
Today Man Crates is helping me feature one of my very favorite people - my husband Nick!

Man Crates is the place for bragworthy gifts for guys. No ugly neckties, cologne samplers, or executive trinkets - just gifts men will love! Think of it as a gift basket service for men, but without the wrapping paper and ribbons. Whether you're shopping for a gentleman of refined tatse or a rugged survivalist, Man Crates offers a crate for that!

I was so excited to see that Man Crates offers so many choices and they will even help you create a custom crate for the man in your life (boyfriend, brother, dad, etc). The offer crates for the carnivore, survivalist, beer lover, snack enthuiast, gamer, and athlete. And... they just added and NFL crate! It's great for this time of year and with the holidays coming up. Each crate ships with an etched crow bar. I think that's really cool.


Nick's Survival Kit

I had Nick put together what he would put into a survival kit. Nick's survival items describe his personality to a T. He's a very practical guy and chose very practical items even after I told him he could take anything he wanted. His items also show that he's an even keel and relaxed guy. That shows in his choice of the hammock, iPod, and solar charger. And yes, he does have an old ass iPod that looks exactly like the one above. My man's happy just to relax and listen to music and forage for food.
Hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into the wrold of Nick.
What would your guy put into his survival crate?
Me? I would have taken a hair brush and hair ties, my dog, a really comfy pillow, s'mores fixings, and books! What would you take?


  1. with so many boxes a month for women out there, the guys need lovin' too! how cute!

  2. I think Sam would definitely need a portable DVD player... x

  3. This is so great! I had no idea there was a box out there for guys. My Nick would probably take beer (his number one haha), his cell phone and sunscreen because he has a huge thing about sunburns!

  4. haha so funny- I think my guy's kit would look the same!

  5. This is awesome!! I love it. Totally picking up some girfts here for the holiday season!


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