That Old Friday Magic

Sep 5, 2014
Woop, woop! Guess what day it is?!

//1// I've always loved this article.  I am a (married) woman who has chosen not have children. Shocked? We live in a culture that questions our essential "woman-ness" if we choose not to have children. It doesn't mean I'm a child hater or selfish. All it means is that I'm honest with myself about my own desires and abilities. So glad a celebrity is finally speaking out about it. #teamaniston

//2// The US Open is almost over! The men's final is on Monday and I'm betting it's going to be a Djokovic/Federer show down. Andy made it to the quarterfinals. He is slowly getting back on track since having back surgery. Can't wait to see what he does in 2015! #tennisgeek #TeamMurray

//3// To those of you who have your fall decor out already... why? Just why?! Can you throw us summer people a bone and wait until the 2nd or even 3rd week of September? Please!? We want to live in denial for a few more weeks...

//4// My husband's a movie star! Well, not really, but he is in a promotional video!

Isn't he a total cutie?!


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  1. yes! omg fall is my FAVE but it's not time yet!!! no psl or anything yet for me!

  2. I swear winter just ended in the US... it boggles my mind that Fall is right around the corner... Did you guys even have a Spring this year?

  3. I do love fall, I do not love when people get too eager to decorate! Its only September! I can understand October... but September??? Its like putting Christmas decorations up in October! It just doesnt make sense! One holiday at a time people!

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  4. I am definitely not ready for fall either. Summer is never long enough!


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