TV's Best Dressed Characters

Oct 8, 2014
With Fall TV well underway it's time to look at the fashion that makes our favorite charaters with five of TV's best dressed.

Jess Day, New Girl 
portrayed by Zooey Deschanel

Jess sports a style that is great for eccentric, hip young women in the workplace or navigating through her late twenties and early thirties. She is best known for her bright colors and bold fashion combinations. To get Jess Day’s signature style, shop for dresses with fitted bodies and flared skirts, skinny jeans, full skirts, scoop neck tops, pussy bow blouses, striped sweaters, and flats.

Aria Montgomery, Pretty Little Liars 
portrayed by Lucy Hale

Aria is best know for falling towards the darker side of TV fashion and for having a style that's all her own. You'll find her in blacks and other dramatic colors, crazy prints, statement shoes, and major accessories. To get Aria Montgomery's signature style, shop for statement jewlery, graffic Ts, jeans, boots, oversized handbags, leather jackets, tights, and above the knee dresses in dark hues. Don't be afraid to layer!
Emily Thorne, Revenge
portrayed by Emily VanCamp
Emily is known for being a style chameleon. Thoughout the series we have seen her adapt her wardrobe to her surroundings. Her style relies heavily on sophisticated cuts and understated patterns. To get Emily Throne's signature look shop for delicate jewelry, feminine blouses, neutral cadigans, tailored dresses, pants, and jackets, and classic pump and riding boots.

Gabi Diamond, Young and Hungry 
portrayed by Emily Osment
Gabi may just be the trendiest dresser on TV. What's happening now is what she's wearing. She's up on the lastest patterns, colors, and fashion combintations. To get Gabi Diamond's signature style shop for florals, flowy tops, chunky shoes, botties, tailored motorcycle jackets, and jeans. Don't forget to accessorize!
Olivia Pope, Scandal 
portrayed by Kerry Washington
Olivia is the consummate professional. Whether at work or at the White House, Olivia knows what suits her best and shows us that you can be stylish on the job. To get Olivia Pope's signature style shop for tailored pants, blouses, and blazers in feminine cuts, warm coats in unqiue silhouttes and patterns, and a strong, sturdy handbag. Accesorize with gloves and scarves. The Limited and Ann Taylor are great, affordable options to get your Gladiator wardrobe started. Look for neutral tones and, of course, items in Olivia's signature white.
Who do you think has the best look on TV?


  1. Love how they style Aria! I love how bold she is with her fashion choices!

  2. I feel like I'm a total Aria, Emily, Olivia combination!

  3. I love Aria's and Olivia's style. Especially Olivia''s so classy! :)

  4. i think my own taste veers towards Jess. I love pretty much everything she wears! x

  5. I usually love Jess's style but sometimes it's a little too much for me. I LOVE Emily's! And I don't watch Scandal BUT every outfit I see of her is incredible!

  6. LOVE Olivia Pope's style! I find myself drooling over her coats and handbags each episode!


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