What the What?! Wednesday

Oct 22, 2014
It's Wednesday which means time for another installment of What the What?! Today anything crazy, funny, outrageous, interesting or amazing goes!

My alomst 3 year old niece, Emma, has a very active imagination. Here's a conversation between her dad (my brother) and her mom (his wife).

Apparently, she unrolled an entire thing of toilet paper to make her "blue ribbon bunny." Whaaaaat?!

Oh, sweet Emma!


How am I supposed to do that, Daily Mail?!
Wonder what exactly this job entails.

Happy Hump Day!!!


  1. I need a pubic defender in my life.

  2. Hehe...a blue ribbon bunny. That's so funny! She's super cute. :)

  3. LOL at pubic defender! I don't think I want to know what his job entails!

    That is so weird about the smells thing!

  4. I'm still very confused by everything in this post!!!

  5. The next time someone asks me if I am done in the bathroom, I TOO am going to make a blue ribbon bunny. It's the perfect excuse to disappear at work, hahahahahah


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