Easy Makeup Contouring Tutorials

Nov 4, 2014
Contouring and highlighting can change your life! Seriously. Contouring can give shape to an area of the face and enhance the facial structure. Today I am sharing my three favorite (and easy) contouring tutorials. Enjoy!

I love this first tutorial because it shows it shows a human face and labels which proucts to use on which spots. In this case BR stands for bronzer, HF for highlighting, and BL for Blush.

This one is color coded and so simple! The darkest color is bronzer, the lighter taupe highlighting, and pink is for your blush.

We all different face shapes which means we all require different contouring. This tutorial shows three different ways to contouring and highlight!

Did you know? 
  • Always avoid shimmery products for contouring. Contours are meant to be matte, while highlights is meant to have shimmer. Texture is key.
  • A lot of people contour with their bronzer, but only those with tan skin should.You need to find something that creates the illusion of an actual shadow, which typically has tones of beige, brown, taupe, and grey.
  • If you're using powders to contour, you'll get a more matte finish. If you use creams, the result will be more dewy. It's best for beginners to start with creamy products, since they're easy to blend and build.
What has your exprience been with highlighting and contouring?


  1. I can't contour for the life of me. I think I need someone to actually show me how to on my own face! x

  2. This is so perfect, I have been trying to do contour but have been failing at it. Great tutorial!!

  3. If I can do it with photoshop it might look good, in real life? Eh, should I look like an alien?

    The Mind of an exchange

  4. These are really helpful graphics!!

  5. ok I've never tried this before but that top one is fool proof!

  6. Once I learned how to contour I felt like it was a real game changer with my makeup!

  7. Im still working on mastering this! Contouring is the best!

  8. This post is awesome. I bought a contouring palette a year ago and still haven't mastered it! Great tips!


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