Monday Madness 11.3.14

Nov 3, 2014

Monday, yuck.

Can you believe it's November? I'm super excited about it! As I told you in my last Monday Madness post, I have a lot of fun things planned this month!

We got a first snow on Friday - big, fat white flakes. And the temperature hit freezing. I love hot baths on cold nights. I don't have a soaker or jetted tub, but I make it work with my regular bath tub.

All I need are my favorite bubbles and essential oils and a good book! Happy to report that Stress Away and Peace and Calming in my bath did wonders, and I finished The Husband's Secret.

Nick and I did absolutely NOTHING for Halloween besides hide in the house from the neighborhood Trick or Treaters. I really enjoy giving out candy, but I decided I didn't want to spend the money on it this year. Hopefully I'll get back to it next year!

Saturday was another cold day! We stayed inside playing board games, snuggling, and taking naps. I have this board game called Mystery Date Game that used to be my mom's that I took from my grandparents house after my grandma passed away and I've been trying to convince Nick to play it with me. We finally played in on Saturday and he kicked my butt! We played it multiple times and I didn't win a single game!

It warmed up a bit on Sunday and looks like we'll have temps in the 40s and 50s this week. Snow isn't forecasted again until next Sunday. The joys of living in Michigan...

Sunday snuggles:

Scout is always so clingy and snuggly on Sundays. I swear he knows the next day is Monday and he will be left home alone. He's such a lover!

Remember how I'm obsessed with the Duggars? Well, another Duggar daughter got married this weekend! Jessa married Ben Seewald.

I love that she chose a blush colored dress! She a younger bride so I thought her choice really suited her. Can't wait for more pictures to surface.

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  1. I am sooooo not ready for snow, but a warm cozy weekend inside sounda kind of nice.

  2. It was cold and snowy here as well. So not prepared for it.

  3. Did you like The Husband's Secret? I've been wanting to read it. So fun that you had some cozy days this weekend...though it's still crazy to me that it snows there so early! I also love Jessa's dress. The blush color is beautiful. :)

  4. I LOVE taking baths and reading, so relaxing!! Sounds like a really nice weekend! I love that you got your husband to play Mystery Date with you, that is awesome!

  5. I read an article on Jessa and Ben's wedding this morning that was really interesting! It said they didn't share their first kiss at the wedding! Something about they wanted their first kiss to be private, so they kissed before the ceremony in a private setting or something like that?! It was on

  6. Yeah, candy is super expensive. I think we spent like $25 bucks. Both Duggar girls that got married are so pretty. Actually, I wasn't even sure they were different girls!! I don't kwatch the show but I see random clips from watching other TLC shows. I do like that dress too.

  7. We got snow, too! Yuck! Seems like you had a relaxing weekend!

  8. The weather was just absolutely shocking every where! Hope you're having a great week! xo

  9. Is the Husband's Secret a good book? Thinking of reading it.

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!!

    Thanks for linkin' up :)

  10. I read the Husbands secret ... it was ok. And a weekend of snuggles sounds like a good thing to me!

  11. I'm reading Husband's secret and loving it!! I can't believe yall have already had snow- eeek!

  12. Hot baths with a good book are my fave too. It is way too early for snow though!

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