Holiday Hostess Gift Guide and Etiquette

Dec 11, 2014
It’s always a good idea to show your appreciation with a gift when invited to someone’s home. The problem is many people don’t know proper etiquette, so they feel uncomfortable having to make a decision. Remember that the size or price of the gift is insignificant. What you need to focus on instead is what that person will like.

Use discretion when selecting the gift. You want to avoid anything that could potentially offend the host or hostess. Remember that you don’t need to bust your budget to give something elaborate. Not only will doing this embarrass the hostess, it makes you appear desperate for acceptance. Stay within your budget, knowing that the recipient will appreciate anything you give.

Here are a few ideas to set you in the right direction.

Holiday Hostess Gifts


//1// A wooden cutting board. Everyone needs one in the kitchen! Make this gift personal by choosing a unqiue shape such as the hostess' favorite animal, his or her home state, or a shape that matches the kitchen decor.

//2// A bread warmer. These terra cotta slabs are placed at the bottom of the bread basket and keep breads and rolls warm on the holiday table!

//3// Tea towels. Extra towels for the kitchen are always nice, especailly when preparing holiday meals.

//4// Bottle stopper. Is the hostess a wine lover? Pick something that fits her style.

//5// Guest bath soaps. Present the hostess with a set of special soaps in a scent she will enjoy!

//6// Tea chest. Tea chests are great for the tea loving host or hostess - a true gift of organization!

//7// Coasters. Coaster are a must in any household and are especially nice for parties and guests!

//8// Flowers in a vase. Present your host with his or her favorite flowers beautifully arranged in a handpicked vase.

//9// Tree ornament. Pick an orament that fits the host's personality! Ornaments are a great keepsake.

//10// Champagne flutes. Help your host get ready for New Year's Eve! Send good wishes for the New Year by presenting him or her with a set of champagne flutes.

Merry Christamas and best wishes for gift gathering!


  1. Ooh, I love those champagne flutes! I love your hostess gifts! My go-to gift is a nice box of chocolates. :)

  2. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing these, we have party this weekend and I was trying to figure out what to get for a hostess gift!

  3. Awesome ideas! I love those coasters; they're perfect for the holidays!

  4. I love searching for the perfect hostess gifts. These are all great ideas! My go-to is usually flowers when I can't decide on anything else.

  5. So when are you coming over?! :) The tea chest is so pretty - such a unique gift!

  6. Such great ideas! I'd love to receive any of them! x

  7. All great ideas and how cute is that cutting board!!


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