What the What?! Wedneday: Sh*t People Say

Dec 3, 2014

Happy Hump Day! Time for an edition of What the What Wednesday.

Shortly after moving to Michigan I told someone I was from Pennsylvania. The response was, "Pennsylvania? You don't have a southern accent."

Pennsylvanias are total Yankees. Contrary to that person's belief, Pennsylvania is located in Northeast region of the United States. We fought for the Union in the civil war and don't use the word "ya'll" (although, I wish we did).

Someone once asked my Canadian friends if Barack Obama was their president too. 

Person #1: "I think having a Great Dane would be really cool. Do you know what a Great Dane is?"
Person #2: "Duh! It's the dog on the side of a Greyhound bus!"

Ok, so that last one was me. In my defense, it was really late at night and I was really tired and as soon as it came out of my mouth I knew it was wrong. My now-husband posed that question to me one of the first times we hung out together. I felt like it was a moronic question so maybe my moronic answer worked out better than I thought!



  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning!!

  2. HAHAHA I love it! That sounds like something I would say when I'm super tired and out of it! That's crazy about that person asking why you don't have a southern accent! I thought MY geography was bad, but that takes the cake!

  3. hahaha people really say some stupid things! I need to do one of these because I have some gems!

  4. Haha love this! I wish we said ya'll here in Michigan, too!

  5. Oh dear - the person asking if Barack Obama was their president too...oye!!

  6. Hilarious post! I can't believe what people say sometimes!

  7. Hahaha yikes. I'm from New Mexico and someone once told me that my English was really good..... :(


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