Monday Madness 3.9.15

Mar 9, 2015
Uh, another Monday.

I'm stressed. I just wish I had one more than one day off a week. And it's not even a day off. I have school work and chores. Just feeling a little down about that.

Last Thursday I went out with some friends from my program! One of the girls works at Bonefish so three of us sat in her section and had such a great time. It was a great way to relieve stress!
My classmate and new friend Hannah!
An awesome drawing done by the four us during class before we went out.

I wish I had some great weekend updates, but I don't because I work every weekend. Here are some random thoughts instead.

I may be a little late on this, but I'm totally obsessed with this Ed Sheeran song.

As a former dancer I love the video too! Dance can express so many emotions that words can't and I thought the choice of a dance for this video was very fitting for the song.

I love this Carrie Underwood video for the same reason.

You'd think I'm pregnant by how obsessed with Subway I am right now. I could eat a Spicy Italian on wheat with provolone cheese, lettuces, pickles, and light mayo every day. By the way, I'm not (pregnant). Maybe stress cravings? LOL!

Bachelor finale tonight! Will it be Whitney or Becca?! FYI - they were in my top four girls I liked for Chris before the season even started. Who called it? ;)

 I love After the Final Rose. Can't wait! Who are you rooting for as the next Bachelorette? I'm #TeamCarly all the way! Britt is a total phony who came to The Woman Tell All to make Carly look like a terrible person. I think Carly only said what everyone else was thinking this entire season and that's why I love her! 
 I hope everyone has an awesome week! Don't forget to link up! 


  1. Im glad you were able to get in some fun time after your class with the girls--small get togethers like that were what helped get me through grad school. I'm sorry you're feeling stressed out--hopefully the week will calm down and give you some relief from the stress!
    I think the next Bachelorette will be Kaitlyn?

  2. Ugh being stressed is the worst, I'm sorry :( If you can, just stopping for an hour or so one afternoon to get a pedicure always works for me. And hey, enjoy one of those Subway sandwiches during that pedi! Thanks so much for hosting the linkup :)

  3. Oh man Subway is the best stressed or not. Hope everything get's easier soon. I am looking forward to catching up on the Batchelor and watching the finale tonight.

  4. I love that Ed Sheeran song--and the video is great!

    I could eat Subway any day, too. :)

    Making Mrs. M

  5. I can't imagine going back to school at this point, so props to you for doing it. I'm sure it's super stressful!! Hang in there. Love that Ed Sheeran song right now too! Hope you have a good week!

  6. SO excited for The Bachelor tonight!! I'm Team Whitney! And totally forgot they'll announce the new bachelorette, too - no idea who it's going to be but it better not be Britt!

  7. I picked Becca a long time ago but then when I started disliking how Chris dealt with some of the women, I don't think he deserves her anymore.
    I think Britt actually liked him and I hated how when he sent Britt went home, he said she should be more like Carly and then he sent Carly home at the same time. Didn't make sense so I think if he chose Becca, he might break her heart too.
    I'm hoping he chooses Whitney so Becca can get her own show.
    I'm sooo not on Team Carly but I hope she finds love somewhere.

  8. I LOVE the Ed Sheeran song, obsessed! And the video is so pretty! Oh yum, Subway, so good! So sorry you are feeling stressed, I totally know how it is to not really have a day off! Hope you get to relax soon!

  9. i understand the need for rest girl sigh school and work sucks. PS i knew it would be whitney!!

  10. I love Subway too! It always hits the spot!


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