Five Things for Friday 4.3.15

Apr 3, 2015

//1// Spring Break!

Phase I of my program is over! That means I am halfway to becoming a medical assistant! Wow! I am so looking forward to having this upcoming week off. I haven't had a spring break is many, many, many years. This means Phase II starts on April 13. I have 8 weeks of skills validation/classroom work and a 4-week externship until I'm done! Three months to go! Also, I finished Phased I with a 98.79%. Why yes, I am bragging.

//2// I've been introduced to 'Neature Walks' by a friend from school. It's so dumb and random it's hilarious.

//3// I've been really good with my spending, but yesterday before work and after school I popped in to Macy's to hit the Clinique counter. Gotta love Clinique bonus days! I got a free 7-piece gift set, and you only had to spend $27.

//4// My favorite Pinterest find this week is...

I have a total love affair with New York City. I grew up about an hour and half from the city so it was super easy to go in for the day. It's a place that everyone should experience at least once!
My sister-in-law, me, and my sister in NYC in 2013.
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//5// Another great episode of the The Royals last Sunday! How cute is Merritt Patterson who plays Ophelia, the prince's American love interest?!
Have a great weekend and happy Easter!



  1. I have to catch up on The Royals on demand!! YAY for Spring Break and awesome grades!! Enjoy!

  2. I keep hearing stuff about The Royals!! I need to watch it! I have always wanted to go to NYC, it would be a dream. Especially to go shopping there would be amazing!

    Lovely Little Rants

  3. Congrats on being done with phase one!! Enjoy your break to the fullest!!! :)

  4. I just BARELY visited NYC for the first time last summer. I need to get back ASAP!

    Congrats on the awesome work at school! You're SO close now!

  5. Yay for phase 1 of your program being over! Hope you have a great spring break!


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