Living Room Make Over - HELP WANTED

Apr 9, 2015
With the end in of school in sight, I've been thinking about what I want to spend money on when I'm back to work. A vacation is a must, but I'd also like to work on making our house more homey. The living room is full of neutrals and browns and it's boring. I am terrible at decorating and I need rehab help ASAP.

I would love suggestions for you. My blogging friends are the most on point and have the best ideas!

See? Super boring and bland. The furniture needs to stay because it's new. I'd be willing to change out the lamps and end tables if it will make for a better design, but my TV storage cabinet thing needs to stay.

We have a blue in the adjacent kitchen and dining area and it's somewhat open to the living so I would need a color for the living room that compliments the blue.

I need ideas for wall paint color, d├ęcor, and window treatments. HELP!

Here are my idea boards that I don't even know if I like.

Living Room Make Over

Living Room Make Over #2


  1. Definitely get some curtains for those b-e-a-utiful windows, hang them higher and wider to make the windows look even bigger :) If you are into DIY at all you can inject a bit of color without to much effort/money/time. I just did the simplest goodwill lamp makeover turned out great. Another fun DIY would be to get a bunch of mismatched decor pieces from somewhere like goodwill and spray paint them all one color. I'd also hit up etsy for some inspiration :) Lucy x

  2. Since you have blues & neutrals in your home, you could go with the summer/beach house decor by adding some teal, white, and gold accents through fixtures, furniture, and artwork.

    For a quaint/cosy vibe, I would go with your last idea board. I like the incorporation of lavender/purple and various shades of white.

    Happy Thursday :)

  3. I agree to add some curtains! Maybe try a gallery wall with pieces you guys like? And pillows always add a pop of color to our living room! All of our furniture is brown like yours- earlier this year we painted our living room a light gray and added in pops of blue and white throughout. It's made a huge difference! Check TJMaxx for inexpensive home decor; I bought two matching white & silver lamps and an ottoman there! You have a GREAT space to work with! Can't wait to see what you do!

  4. Definitely do a gallery wall for the wall behind the couch--it adds more character to the wall. Pillows for the couches, and maybe a new end table or something that you like. I'd just start looking at Pinterest under the Home Decor tab and see if anything pops out at you--thats usually what I do and then create my plan around those things that I find and like!

  5. I agree with a gallery wall behind the couch. Colorful pillows and accent pieces I always pick up from TJ Maxx or Homegoods. A coffee table with extra storage underneath for books and blankets and such might be nice.

  6. Oh my gosh those vintage tennis rackets are awesome!! My parents had some of those back in the day. I think adding bright colors alone would make a huge difference. Add some bright throw pillows and put some bright art on the wall.

  7. group things on the wall, the gallery wall is great, the vintage tennis rackets could become a separate grouping of "Activities" you both enjoy, with other fun things. I would MOST definitely add a splash of a vibrant color like the orange you have in your ideas photo. Curtains with subtle blue, tan and oranges would be awesome.

  8. I'm more into neutrals so I definitely like the second idea board better - since you have blue in the dining room, I REALLY like that deeper gray color, I think they'd look great together. I agree with the gallery wall idea and I would switch out your lamps for these cool gourd lamps I just saw at Target that were reasonably priced. And lots of throw pillows - TJ Maxx and Marshall's are perfect for that!!


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