Spring Fashion Wish List

Apr 1, 2015
With being required to wear scrubs day in and day out I've really been taking any opportunity I get to dress up and be girly. Spring is a great time to get girly with sandals and dresses making their way back on to the scene. Check out my Spring fashion wish list!

Spring Fashion Wish List

Spring is definitely a transitional time in Michigan. Unfortunately we can't go straight to tank tops and shorts. We may have a really warm day and the next will be really chilly. Michiganders truly have to have transitional pieces. The pieces are above are great for any gal living in an unpredictable climate.

Poncho Type Tops: Choose a light weight fabric and spring color. This type of top gives a transitional winter and spring vibe. It's great for spring by choosing a light fabric, but still offers shoulder coverage for  the colder days.

Oversized Off the Shoulder Sweatshirts: April through as long as June can still be sweatshirt weather. Choosing an over-sized option is great for being able throw over a different top. Sweatshirts are great for morning walks with the dog and cozying up outside on a spring evening.

Floral Chiffon Dresses: Nothing screams Spring like a floral dress. It's also a great piece that will move you into summer.

Maxi Skirts: I didn't jump on the maxi skirt bandwagon last year, but I will be this year. Again, it's a great piece for both Spring and Summer. I personally like the black and white combo the best because you can pair it with a really bright top.

Wedge Sandals: I have a pair that I bought on clearance at Old Navy a few seasons back. I love them because they are so comfortable and versatile. They can quickly dress up a casual outfit. Mine are getting a little worn out so it's time for a new pair!

Floral Leggings: Again floral says Spring! These are great with a short sleeved cotton top on a warm day and with an oversized sweatshirt on colder days.

Kimonos: I regret not jumping not jumping on this trend either! A kimono is really great to have in your closet. Wear it all day long on a spring day and cover up with it when needed in the summer.

What is on your Spring Fashion Wish List?


  1. Love those shoes and sweatshirt! I am so ready for spring clothes!

  2. Love the maxi skirt super cute!


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