Five Fabulous DIYs for Friday

Jun 5, 2015
It's finally Friday! Going through an accelerated certification program to become a medical assistant has let me little time for anything else in the past months. I miss have time to work on home improvement projects, reading, knitting, and crafting. With the end of school in sight I've come up with a list of craft I'd love to do.

//1// Graduation Tassel Ornaments

It's officially graduation season! The ornaments are a great way to commemorate the day for your graduating friends or family members. I'd love to make these with my and Nick's college graduation hat tassels.

//2// DIY Sparkle Soles

We may not be able to afford red-soled Louboutins, but you can breath new life into pumps you already have.

//3// Upcycled No Sew Headband

Summer is the time to keep the hair off your face! These t-shirt headbands are great to use for a day at the beach, while exercising, or doing outside gardening and projects!

//4// Watercolor Mugs

DIY watercolor mugs will become statements pieces in your dishes collection. Surprise! They're made with nail polish. 

//5// Homemade Lavender Lotion Bars

I love my EOs! This recipe utilizes lavender essential oils for smooth and hydrated summer skin!
What DIY projects are you working on?


  1. These are all so great! I so need to make that headband.

  2. That headband is adorable and I am all about no sew! Those mugs are so cool looking! Happy Friday!

  3. Absolutely LOVE that ornament idea! I think I'll definitely be doing that with my & my husbands tassels from graduation!

  4. I would LOVE to do the glitter soles to a pair of my shoes once - those look fabulous!

  5. I love those grad tassle ornaments (maybe Ill do that with the one I have from grad and undergrad), and the headband. And of course the glitter :)

  6. Great ideas! And inexpensive tok! Those sparkle shoes are right up my alley. Thanks for the super. Ideas. I hope you have an amazing and beautiful weekend!

  7. I love that sailor knot headband. Definitely going to try that! The lotion bars look great, too. I love finding new ways to use my EOs!

    xo Always, Abby

  8. Those mugs are amazing!! So cute! Going to have to try that DIY for sure.


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