Summer Wish List + Monday Madness Link Up 6.1.15

Jun 1, 2015
Happy June!

I feel like I need a little something new every summer. What about you?

Summer Wish List


//1// A summer hat is a must! After going through the MA program and learning about skin cancer I've learned just how important it is to have sun protection.

//2// A glass water bottle is helpful for spiking my water with essential oils. Acidic essential oils such as lemon and orange will pull the toxins out of a plastic bottle. Stay hydrated!

//3// Fake tanning. I'm pale 365 days a year. I think this year I will try a self tanning spray or self tanning towlettes.

//4// Tank tops with cute details.

//4// Coochy Cream - the best for avoiding bumps and razor burn around your bikini zone!

//5// Short jersey skirts - cute and breathable!

//6// Maxi dress - I love how this one from Forever 21 is short underneath the overlay.

What's on your summer wish list?



  1. Love that tank and that hat, too!!!! :)

    [I think your link is set for tonight]

  2. You have some super cute picks!
    The link up says it goes off at 11pm tonight, just FYI! :)

  3. Great list!! I have to get some essential oils for my water!! A hat is a must for me as well!!

  4. A cute hat is a must!! Love that one! And if you haven't tried Tan Towels yet, I would totally recommend them - they're foolproof!

  5. Love that tank top and I have been wanting a Summer hat as well! It's on my birthday wish list! :)

  6. A cute hat is a total must for me in the summer.

  7. I love that hat! And waterbottle ! Happy Monday!

    Her Heartland Soul

  8. I am definitely in need of a maxi skirt! Great round up!

  9. I am all about glass bottles! Something about drinking out of plastic is kinda creeping me out lately.

  10. Funny, my post today is also a wishlist. :) I need to break out the fake tanner because I'm also crazy pale and very careful about being in the cancer is a scary thing!

  11. Loving that hat - a fun beach hat is definitely a must! I love the look of glass water bottles as opposed to the plastic!

  12. everyone needs a cute summer hat!


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