What's Hap'pinning' Wednesday: Home Organization

Aug 5, 2015
Today I am joining a brand new link up hosted by Jenn at Going the Distance and Jessi at Jessi's Design. Thanks ladies!

Here's what been hap'pinning' in my life!

I have never been great at keeping a clutter free home and with going back to work I know things are going to start piling up on the dining room table and kitchen counters. In order to combat this and stay organized throughout the week I've been combing Pinterest for some inexpensive ways to help keep my house clutter free.

I love this idea for organizing paper towel rolls. We always buy paper towels in bulk and we shove them hap-hazardly on the top shelf of a hallway closet. This would free up that shelf for other items.

I love the idea using this type shelf as a night stand or end table. So much more storage!

My pantry is always horrible. It's just not large enough for proper organization. I love these ideas in order to give me more space.

What do you do to keep you home organized?


  1. Thats a great way to store paper towels, though I know it would drive me nuts looking at it all the time. haha Still ingenious.

  2. Ooo love those pantry ideas, mine is kind of crazy right now!

  3. The pantry ideas are brilliant! Especially the little holder for the sauce packets!
    We do the same thing with paper towels in our laundry room downstairs lol. And I am loving how that nightstand is decorated! So cute!!
    Thanks for linking up with us!!

  4. We always buy paper towels in bulk too – what a nice idea to store them that way! About once a month for a week we have an organized pantry but the other three weeks it’s just a random mess, ha!

  5. yes yes and yes! We're the same way with paper towels so that idea would rock for us! Thanks for linking up! xo

  6. Stopping by from the link up. :) Loving all this organizational goodness! I struggle with keeping our home clutter free so I could definitely benefit these tips! Thanks for sharing!! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  7. I love that way to store paper towels, so clever. I totalyl need to do that. I have my eye on that shelving and never thought to use it as a nightstand. What a great idea.

  8. The cubes for a bedside table are such a great idea!:) Happy Wednesday!

  9. Love that way to organize paper towels! I need to do that!


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