Treat Your Feet

Mar 30, 2016
From eight to five, Monday through Friday, I'm a medical assistant. One of my favorite ways to help patients is through prevention education. I also like to keep my family and friends healthy by passing along information. Today we're talking about feet!

//1// Pedicure Precautions

You can get an infection from the nail salon, but it can be prevented. Limit your risk by taking your own nail polish and nail file. Salon tools can carry germs, especially the emery board, which cannot be sanitized. The brush in the polish bottle is used on other people's toes and can transfer fungal infections.

//2// Check For Spots

Check your feet for signs of skin cancer. Melanoma of the foot can be deadly. Melanoma that starts on the foot or nail can metastasize to other organs of the body. Check your feet closely including the bottoms, in between your toes, and under your toe nails. Do a check for darks spots and red, scaly, or pearly spots. Look for any dark spots or dark streaks on your toenails.

//3// Foot Odor

When your feet sweat the perspiration mixes with the bacteria living on your socks and shoes. Try a black tea bag in a warm footbath. Soak your feet for 30 minutes to help reduce the bacteria and cut down on the odor.

//4// High Heels

High heels put pressure on the Achilles tendon and could cause the feet, knees, and hips to become overworked. This can lead to posture and balance issues. Also, high heels do not allow your feet to absorb shock probably. To avoid pain and injury, only stand in them for two hours. When you get home, run cold water over your feet and legs for 10-15 minutes to help with any pain. Choose a sturdy pair of wedges if you'll be standing for over 2 hours.

//5// Stress Factures

Runners who pound the pavement day after day aren't the only ones susceptible to stress fractures. Anyone can get a stress fracture. Stress fractures can be caused by any kind of repetitive movement. Stress fracture symptoms can include pain towards the end of activity that subsides with rest, localized swelling, and tenderness of one area of the foot. Treatment also includes resting your foot for 4-6 weeks and wearing hard-soled shoes. An initial x-ray can diagnose a stress fracture and it's severity. A repeat x-ray can show healing.
Take care of your feet! You only get one pair.



  1. Very wise words - thank you for the reminders!

  2. I love that you're posting tips like these! Such great reminders. :)

  3. well. now i'm scared of skin cancer of the feet, lol. i am super paranoid about skin cancer because i'm australian, even if i don't live there anymore. also, good to know about the black tea footbath, i will have to try that!

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