Smart Tips for Easier Housekeeping

Mar 8, 2017
Spring is almost here and it's time to clean up, clear up, and scrub down! Cleaning is my absolute least favorite thing to do so learning shortcuts and hacks has been amazing.

Be efficient. Store your supplies where you use them. Keeping kitchen cleaning products in the kitchen and bathroom cleaning products in the bathroom will help get small jobs and daily cleanings done fast! The more you have to search out your products, the more likely you'll be to get distracted and forget about the task at hand.

Dust before you vacuum. Particles fall to the floor as you dust so start dusting before you vacuum. Otherwise, you'll void all of the work you just did!

Spend your time on high traffic areas. Instead of vacuuming the entire carpet is every room every time, just do the paths where people walk most often.

Use baking soda for more than just baking. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet prior to vacuuming or put an open box in your laundry hamper. It will freshen carpets, clothes, and other possibly stinky areas of your home.

Clean your toilet overnight. Pour toilet bowel cleaner in the toilet before you go to bed and leave it overnight for extra cleaning power. When you get up in the morning, just brush and flush!

Make your microwave work for you. Fill a mug with water and set in inside your microwave. Nuke it on high for 60 seconds. The steam the hot water creates will help loosen stuck on foods and debris which makes scrubbing a lot easier! Fill the mug with lemon juice or lemon essential oil for a better smelling microwave.



  1. These are such great tips!! I am going to my fiances this weekend to help clean there so its all ready when I move in!

  2. I love using the water trick inside the microwave, it's amazing how a little steam can make all the difference.

  3. These are all great tip! Thanks for sharing, Ashley!

  4. So dusting before vacuuming makes so much sense, but I don't know why it's not part of my routine! That definitely needs to change!

  5. Ugh, I hate cleaning. These tips help but I'll probably will still be for another week or two ;)

  6. These are great tips but I just can't stand to clean house! I love to declutter and keep things tidy but I hate to scrub things! One day I'm going to live in a tiny house so it's easier!

  7. Ooohhh I needed that microwave tip!! Woo hoo!! Totally saving this post!!

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