Five on Friday 6.9.17

Jun 9, 2017

//1// Nick and I have always talked about how amazing it would be to live in Europe. This last trip has really cemented in my mind that I'm ready to make a change and ready to start seriously looking in to moving and living an expat life. Does anyone know any good resources or an expat that you could hook me up with? We don't know know where to start!

//2// Hair inspo. 

I really, really want my hair to look like this. I'm going to see a new stylist tomorrow morning. I just haven't found one who is great with color yet. My old girl turned my roots orange right before vacation (as you will see in pics to come). Time for change!

//3// I believe I am having a midlife crisis. In fact, I think I've been having one for the last several years. I turn 33 this summer, and although that's not "old", it's not 23. My age is going to start to restrict me from doing certain things pretty soon. I read an article on Psychology Today 'What  Female Midlife Crisis Looks Like'  and this article of the six stages of a midlife crisis, and I gotta be honest, a lot of it rang true.

//4// Another pic from the trip.

Nick and me with our friends Mark and Danica at Isola Bella in Stresa, Italy.

//5// How gorgeous was Pippa Middleton on her wedding day? She totally outdid Kate.



  1. Pipa blew me away! You would look amazing in that hair do!! Happy weekend beautiful babe!

    1. Pippa NAILED it! Hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. I love that hair inspo!!! Good luck! Not sure if you read Helene in Between, but they recently moved overseas. She might be a good resource!

  3. I hear you on moving to Europe, we actually thought about it a lot before our trip. But, right now it's on the back burner because of everything going on in the world. Helene in Between moved to germany and blogs about it all.

  4. Pippa looked amazing, love love love the open back detailing on her dress! How exciting about looking into moving to Europe. I don't personally have any experience other than vacation over there, but Helene from Helene in Between moved to Germany last year and has been country hopping and blogging about all the ups and downs so I'd definitely check her out <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. I so loved Pippa's dress!! And that hairstyle is gorgeous, I hope you're new girl can make it happen! I've had my same lady for about 17 years! Wow, that's a big move. Sounds adventurous though and I'm a little bit envious, at least of the travels! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  6. How exciting, that would be so cool to move to Europe! I second what Pinky said, Helene would be a great resource! WOW Pippa was stunning in her dress!

  7. Living in Europe would be amazing! We are hoping that the military will send us there someday.

  8. I don't have any tips for that expat life. I have only heard that while it can be very hard, and that there is a lot of red tape involved, but that it also can be very rewarding. Can't wait to see more pics from your trip.

  9. I love Pippa's dress!

    Off to read those midlife crisis articles.... :/

  10. Pippa is stunning! Do you follow Helene's blog? She just moved to Germany with her husband and she explains how they did it on her blog and her experience. I hope that you have a fun weekend! -Crystal

  11. As my 93 year old Grandmother says, Age is just a number. Embrace it. Life is too short. Pippa's dress was stunning.

  12. i'm 41 and i think i did go through a mid-life crisis but it was to give the middle finger to the younger years and prove (to no one, really) that age is just a number; that a 40yr old can be as strong and as badass as a 20-something .... so i started training in martial arts (muay thai) and have been doing it for over 2yrs. i now spar with men who are double my weight and size (i'm 5'3 and i've sparred with guys who are 6'2/200+ lbs) and it's incredible.


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